Poll: Do you check voicemail?


  • Fodie

    Voicemail are useless. I have the future enabled. I haven’t used for more than a year. People I care about already know.

  • ticky13

    I have visual voicemail. Not sure what option that falls under.

  • Canadiana Jones

    I use voicemail all the time. I’m an avid call screener.

  • Jonathan

    TL;DR: I wish voicemail weren’t bundled into my plan. I tried to have it removed, but they won’t do that for me.

    So then I started just saying, “Hi, please don’t leave me a message and just text me instead. Thanks!” for my voicemail, but I guess it was too short, so I kept getting voicemails of robocall clicks (because literally everyone my age that I know just texts me or hangs up at the voicemail). In response to all the robo clicks or the, “TOOT! This is your captain calling!” I then changed it to a long message that began with a, “text me instead.” and that made my older relatives angry, because for whatever reason, they think talking to me in a recording that’s almost always some variation of, “Hi! It’s [insert person’s name here], call me back.” Oh gee, I don’t have call display and never would’ve seen the missed call. lol


    I hate voicemail. Sure, I understand that some people use it, but why can’t those of us that HATE it have the option to not have it at all? :/

  • zelendel

    I use it for numbers I dont know that call me. If I dont know the number then it doesnt get picked up.

  • hoo dat

    It’s a screening and business tool for me, couldn’t live without it.

  • Garrett Cooper

    I only check it so I can get rid of the notification icon.

  • Major Suave

    Yes but I don’t have a choice, I cannot stand the message notif

  • Simon M

    I need it and use it multiple times a day for work, but for personal stuff, I stopped using it years ago.

  • Tim Hunt

    Odd question. If I get a voicemail message, then yes, I check my voicemail.
    But as most people point out, if I’m trying to call someone and they don’t pick up, I’m much more likely to hang up and send a text than leave a voicemail message.

  • Bill___A

    I certainly don’t check the ones from “unknown number” anytime soon. However, other ones, I do.

  • Andrw

    No. Or rarely.
    If I know who’s calling, I usually call them right away. I don’t bother checking. Most of it are automated calls.

  • These days you don’t have to check, as most will send some sort of message if they can’t get you. Voicemails are either your doctor, bills, fraud or job offers. No one else really leaves a voicemail.

    • Marshall Davidson

      There are doctors that use email too and fraud is more prevalent online than phone calls. Job offers? Yeah its still professional to communicate in that manner and obviously worthy of checking a voicemail don’t you think? lol
      This is a stupid click bait question.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Stupid question. The author makes it sound like voicemail is some ancient form of communication and it ain’t. Contrary to popular opinion a lot of business is still conducted over the phone and many people do leave messages as some people prefer not be inundated with texts or emails.