Google Home app update revamps user interface and adds new features

Google has updated its Google Home app, adding new features and updating its overall look.

Google’s Home app is used to manage the company’s smart Home speakerChromecast and cast video. The app’s navigation buttons have been moved to the bottom of the app from the top corner of the display. The app also now recommends content from streaming services, including Netflix, Spotify and Google Play Music.

Google Home

The Home app’s search functionality is also more open as well, allowing users to look up content based on actor or artist names, genre and category. In addition, users can now cast movie trailers on connected TVs, while continuing to browse content on their device.

The update also adds sound settings to the app, allowing users to adjust the bass and treble of their Google Home smart speaker.

Google also recently updated Home to work as an intercom between other Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Source: Google