You can now use Google Home as an intercom

Google Home

A new update to Google Home allows users to broadcast messages through the device, allowing the smartspeaker to operate like an intercom system within your home.

This allows users to communicate with Google Assistant on your smartphone to send messages to any Assistant-enabled smart speaker in your home, complete with specific pre-created commands like announcing it’s time for dinner, or ringing a bell on every speaker. You can also broadcast remotely if you don’t happen to be home.

In order to activate the feature, say “Ok Google, broadcast,” and then say what you want to broadcast. Next, every speaker in your home will relay the message.

While it seems like a minor update, I’m looking forward to notifying my partner that dinner is ready in our one-bedroom condo. It’s also impressive to see how much functionality Google has added to the Home post-release, including the ability to make calls and multi-user support.

The update is currently rolling out in Canada, the U.S., Australia and the U.K.