Oreo is now installed on 0.3% of Android devices

Rome wasn't built in a day


  • Fshumayrqan

    The worst part is SAMSUNG always the last one to updates. My note5 is still 7.0.

    • It’s Me

      But the funny part is the fluffers rushing in to explain why low adoption is a good thing.

      Nothing if not predictable. Simple, but predictable.

    • NK

      The Note 5 was released over two years ago and went from Lollipop to Marshmallow to Nougat, it is not getting another version update.

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    That’s pretty bad really.

    • thereasoner

      It’s actually awesome when you consider that fragmentation = an excellent variety of devices and software to choose from. No fragmentation means only iphones and a bunch of Pixels to choose from. Who wants that?

    • ciderrules

      Funny how Windows PCs comprise countless combinations of CPUs, GPUs, chipsets, motherboards, sound & networking and other features, sold by numerous OEMs, yet Microsoft is still able to issue updates to all of them.

      Android is a joke for updates, so stop apologizing for poor decisions Google made along the way during its development.

    • It’s Me

      It’s awesome that they’ve gone from desperately trying to explain why it’s not a bad thing, to now trying to convince themselves it’s actually a good thing.

    • thereasoner

      OEMs modify Windows?

  • JoMore

    That’s really sad that in 3 months, it’s only on one third OF 1% of androids, and apple has over 50% in less time.. anyone have window phone stats? Lol

    Seriously though there’s something to be said about less fragmentation and that it would be better overall for consumers and manufacturers.

    • Smanny

      First of all no Pixel 2 XL’s are for sale yet in Canada until Wednesday. Plus 0.3% works out to 6 million devices that are using Oreo right now in the world. Some have had notices on their smartphones to upgrade to Oreo, but have chosen to wait for some reason. A friend of mine has had the notification to upgrade to Oreo, but doesn’t want to upgrade, because he likes Nougat for some reason, and doesn’t see a need to upgrade right now.

    • thereasoner

      No it wouldn’t be “better”. It would be awful for consumers to have only the iPhone and a whole bunch of other OEMs making only Pixel phones to choose from.

    • JoMore

      You didn’t address the issue, just proposed a false dichotomy… Those things are not mutually exclusive, it’s not one or the other. You can have less fragmentation without stock android as the only option.
      It would very hard to argue that 0.3% adoption rate, of new software and thus features that they bring, is better for consumers than 50%+

    • thereasoner

      Sure I addressed it, all throughout this thread. Google updates their phones the same way Apple does and Android users who’s priority are fast updates are well served by the Pixels.

      As for new features? You don’t buy the Pixels or iPhones for new features, that’s what Samsung does best … despite getting updates slower ironically. Google and Apple pick up features later, years later in Apple’s case.

      Android users aren’t missing anything. They actually have more choices that include new, better features/hardware in place of those fast updates should they chose them instead.

    • JoMore

      Hey no offence but after reading your comments on this thread you just sound like an android shill… You say it doesn’t matter using generalities but you’re not backing it up with any specifics (like an apple fanboy who can’t admit there are flaws with the iPhone).
      Here’s just one example of how an OS update benefits consumers.. Apple brings AR to all iPhones from the 6 and newer. How many devices work with Google’s daydream?

    • thereasoner

      Only those with OLED display work with Daydream VR and Samsung already has their own Gear VR platform. You don’t know this either?

      I’m done here. No offense but there are just more knowledgeable people to chat with online and I’d rather do that instead of schooling you.

    • JoMore

      Once you get off your high horse, you will see you are missing the forest for the trees… The fact that so few devices work with it, is adding to my point on fragmentation, albeit hardware not software, but the point is still the same that more cohesion on android would be better for consumers..

      You still haven’t given me a single example of how mass fragmentation is better for an average person going to get a phone.

  • Marshall Davidson

    This is one thing that Apple has an advantage bar none. Fragmentation is really doing Google no favours in the long run and is a reason many are still running Lollipop.

    • thereasoner

      Both Google and Apple update their devices fast so Google is fine. Fragmentation itself is the result of a rich diversity of OEM’s, hardware variety and exclusive features/services. The only way to avoid it is to have everyone make only Google Pixel phones and nobody wants that.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      No it’s the result of lazy manufacturers that want premium pricing but little interest in supporting their device after a year. Good luck getting $1000 out of me for that.

    • thereasoner

      Buy a quality flagship, you’ll get updated and see 3 major OS versions over all. Want fast iphone like updates then buy a Pixel and you’ll see 4 major Android versions.

      Comparing cheap phones that only get a year of support to those is just dumb…no offense.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Yes because the LG G4 which didn’t even get Nougat is a cheap no name phone.

    • thereasoner

      From what I’ve read it did but personally I don’t see LG making a “quality flagship” of their own until the more recent G6.

      That said, buyer beware, LG has been going downhill for a while and completely botched the G5 successor in the G5. Same with HTC although they have been producing much better quality than LG .

      Still if updates are the priority Android users are best served by the Pixels in both the timely nature of the updates and the duration of support but there are great phones from others that get almost as much updates.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Even KitKat is almost as high as Nougat. brutal.

      LG G4 2015 flagship and no Nougat. Pathetic.

    • thereasoner

      “pathetic”? Why? There are dirt cheap phones still being made and sold with years old versions of Android out of the box by the millions in 3rd world countries. How could it not be this way?

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    This had in part expected. Google wanted their new devices and some 2-3 partner devices to be the first with 8.0 But we all know that we will need to wait on the carriers to do the magic even when the OEMs deliver their version.

  • Mike Spadafora

    Let the party begin! 0.3 % Woo Hoo! and 8.1 is in beta! Thank you Samsung for keeping it real and leaving the s8 and Note with Nougat for the very foreseeable future!!!! Yeah Baby. I would get a Pixel, but Google can’t even do that right! Hats off to iOS for doing a way better job with updates!

    • thereasoner

      Nonsense! Google updates the Pixels the same way Apple does the iphone except Android has far less bugs.

    • Mike Spadafora

      I am referring to how the pixel has screen issues. Software on the pixel is how all android phones should be.

    • thereasoner

      The display looked great when I used it and while it’s not as good as Samsungs (none are) I agree with most reviews that say it’s hardly a deal breaker.

  • Lion5

    So much crying every time the OS share stats are released. The same old complaints. The only way to have all Androids updated in a similar timeframe is to have all of them running plain old stock Android. Who really wants that? How are OEMs to differentiate their products from their competitors if they all have the same basic version of the OS?

    Seems like most handsets come with Qualcomm processors, 12mp cameras, etc. Nothing really sets them apart asides software. HTC, Samsung, LG, etc all offer many more features over stock Android.

    Being a version behind.. You really aren’t missing anything. I have a Pixel XL and Galaxy. The Galaxy has far more features and options. Some of the “new” features on stock Android are similar to those that already existed for ages on HTC, Samsung, LG, or Sony devices.

    Much ado about nothing.

    • thereasoner

      So true but that won’t stop the haters from hating.

      I get a kick out of people who buy something other than a Google Pixel or Apple iPhone and then complain about the speed of updates… it’s the equivalent of jumping in a lake and complaining about getting wet, lol.