Ontario is developing a mobile ID card solution with Ottawa-based Bluink

Imagine a world where your phone's the only ID you need


  • Acrobat1991

    I’ve been dreaming of this for a few years….can’t wait to get rid of my wallet (I never pay cash anyways).

    Any other provinces having a similar project ? (Quebec for instance in my case)

    • Steve Borza

      We hope to have other provinces follow along with Ontario’s lead! We’ll let you know if it happens!

  • Liquid5n0w

    I will be shocked if we don’t have to go to service ontario in person to set this up, it would be so out of character for the Ontario government.

    • Steve Borza

      The solution is designed to eliminate the need register at a Service Ontario outlet… That is what we will deliver. We’ll keep our fingers crossed WRT to rollout.

  • vn33

    Being the Ontario government, this will be open to the public in the year 2030

  • Mr Dog

    This is exciting! No more wallet.

    For all those calling mobile wallets a gimmicky cause you’d still need to carry your wallet. They would not be looking into this if it wasnt for the popularity of mobile wallets.

    • Steve Borza

      We agree with you… However beyond a wallet, this solution allows you to login to any Gov’t of Ontario website using password-free, public key authentication… using your phone as the security token! So, no wallet full of cards, plus fast and secure logins to website. Win-win-win-win…

  • tremsr

    It sounds fancy, but you know it being a government project will mean that it will be a security nightmare. They can’t figure Phoenix out, many of the pc’s in offices are running Windows 7 without the latest patches, so how can you trust them to secure this data?
    Equifax seemed to get hacked quite easily, so why wouldn’t hackers just go directly to the source?

    • Bluink Key

      The identity data that the government already has about you will be loaded and secured on your smartphone. We can’t speak to how well or not the government secures the data they already have, but we can say that the data on your smartphone (including any identity data you wish to add yourself) will be safely in your control from that point forward. It’s then up to you to decide what you want to release and to whom.

    • Liquid5n0w

      Sounds like you guys are going to do great work with the project, but I strongly suspect Ontario will tie your hands from doing smart things like only keeping the data on the person’s phone. I hope this project happens in the next 2 years as described, but I would be utterly shocked if it does.

    • Appreciate that. We’ll try our best to deliver.

    • Ry

      How does Bluink’s product differ from other crypto identity projects in development today such as Civic (ethereum token)? What was the deciding factor for Ontario to choose Bluink?

  • We can already guess how the government handles security, they do it badly. Remember the CRA breach a little while ago? Even companies like Equifax are getting breached and their only jobs is o protect our info. Security is bottom of the totem pole. I know I will get bashed for saying to skip this but you only have 1 identity. Once it is stolen, your life is a nightmare.

    I will gladly wait until government and companies can keep up with the hackers but until then, I would rather my physical card. Mug me if you want my ID

    • Steve Borza

      Thanks J-Ro. You are quite right in being leery of cyber security solutions, and how governments and companies have handled your personal data. Equifax had virtually no security on customer data!
      At Bluink, we take security as the first priority… This solution will allow you to login to government website to see your personal information using password-free, public key authentication, using your phone as the security token… This is not something an ID Card can do for you.
      Beyond that, if you are asked for proof of age, you can “push” a photo and age from your phone to the clerk, without revealing your address, drivers license number, or any other personally verifiable information.
      Thanks for your interest and we look forward to surprising you with a simple and secure solution!