Google hires former Hulu, Sony executive to lead Play Store division

Google Play Store app on phone

Google has appointed former Hulu chief technology officer (CTO) Tian Lim as its new vice president in charge of user experience and product for the Play Store.

Lim left Hulu in September after serving as CTO for four years and started working at Google last month. Prior to joining Hulu, Lim worked for more than three years for Sony Network Entertainment, which was responsible for Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service.

According to his Linkedin page, Lim has also worked for Microsoft for nearly ten years as an engineer and manager in the Xbox division,  and then manager, while also working for roughly five years at Nintendo as a game designer and engineer.

Google hasn’t commented on Lim’s appointment, but his extensive background in entertainment technology certainly lends itself well to overseeing the Play Store.

Barry Steinglass, Hulu’s senior vice president of engineering, will be filling Lim’s role on an interim basis until a new CTO is found.

The Hulu streaming service is currently only available in the U.S.

Source: Variety Via: 9to5Google