Walmart Canada gives a sneak peek at its Black Friday tech deals


  • Zudeo

    These deals are kinda trash, not gonna lie.

    • canucks4life

      Just like Walmart shoppers…sorry couldn’t resist lol

    • Samano

      You never shop at Walmart?

    • He shops at Canadian Tire and pays $6 for a case of 12 pack water. He is a Canadian hero.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Along with brands like RCA, Sanyo, Alcatel, Acer??? WTF Total yard sale here.

  • Jon Duke

    Unsurprisingly, bad deals in Canada while US get stuff almost free. Heh.

    • LeTricolore

      If you look at the deals for things in the US, it’s crap that no one wants on sale for dirt cheap most of the time.

    • Jon Duke

      Fair enough.

    • jon

      Yay Canada, Black Friday has sucked in Canada for 5years, there was 1 BF that had good deals thing it was 2012 or 2013

  • Marshall Davidson

    There are a few deals here like the PS4 and Xbox Bundles along with the Sony Earbuds but RCA, Sanyo, and Acer are totally shyte brands for welfare junkies that can’t afford much better.

    • Desi Jatt

      So If see anyone with these Brands, I should just assume they are on Welfare?

    • Marshall Davidson

      Yeah, or low income but who seriously buys an RCA or Sanyo product in this day and age? There is zero quality in those products so to have a Black Friday sale on this stuff is just laughable. How about a good discount on a solid product that lasts longer than a year before burning out and that more people could afford to buy? That would be refreshing.

  • My wallet is safe.

    • jon

      Yours and mine.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Sharp 55″ 4k for $538? Sharp makes great TVs, am I missing something? Seems like a great deal.

    • Eddie_Brock

      I’ve got a 10-year old 52″ Aquos and it still beats a number of displays I see on demo today.
      I love my Sharp, 10/10 would buy again.

    • Garrett Cooper

      That’s my point, my buddy has a 42″ Sharp Aquos and same thing. I think that price for a 55″ 4k is a great deal.

    • Best buy had Sharp 40’s for 200 last year and they weren’t selling, If you really like Sharp, just wait to see if they offer it again.

  • jon

    Guess i’m picky but nothing for me, I wanna get a PS4 Slim but $379 which is the normal price just Overwatch for free, which i don’t think i’d like also BF2 is gonna be a mess. I rather a $299 PS4 console sale. $179 for a Acer Monitor is tempting but again Acer. ALso I want a 50″+ for my room but i don’t need 4k atm and idk how good Sanyo is. 9.6” tablet is cool but only 16gb internal memory. Wait and see what Bestbuy or the source has to offer or wait for the real deals on Boxing day.

  • Those don’t seem like amazing deals. Am I supposed to be impressed? I’m not.

  • Samano

    Is this a joke the same Sharpe 55″ 4k is in America Walmart for 200usd

    • After you factor in conversion and other fees, it works out to 1 billion CAD. This is at least what we will be told when we compare prices to our neighbors.

    • Samano

      Haha jokes

  • MoYeung

    Canadian prices suck as always, full stop.

  • Jason

    Don’t forget people that allot of the time these holiday sales are special models made cheap to be sold cheap