LG ‘This is real’ ad campaign highlights the V30

LG V30 rear facing cameras

A new digital marketing campaign for LG called ‘This is real’ showcases a diversity of people sharing video footage of themselves experiencing their real lives.

Kicking off the campaign, LG is producing a video series each one focusing on a different person. Those taking part have promised, “not to fake happiness for a like,” and to “never sugar coat reality” during any of the footage.

The U.S. version also showcases a character speaking in Spanish promising to, “fight injustice by hitting record.”

The videos show the individuals, “doing, achieving and overcoming amazing things,” according to LG. The series features an actress who lives with Alopecia, a dancer who is deaf, a burlesque performer and many other individuals.

The V30 features a dual rear-facing camera setup with two 16-megapixel shooters, a f/1.6 aperture, optical image stabilization and, laser and phase detection autofocus with LED flash.

This is not the first time LG has had a campaign similar to this one, with LG’s previous “A Day in the Life” campaign, where celebrity cinematographer David Franco took viewers through a day in his life.

Source: LG