Patent reveals rumoured Samsung Galaxy X’s foldable functionality

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Samsung’s often-rumoured Galaxy X handset has been reported about repeatedly in the past, however a patent recently discovered by GalaxyClub now showcases the device’s potential interface.

Images found in the patent filing reveal that the smartphone will fold in half similarly to the ZTE Axon M, which was recently unveiled. The Galaxy X’s multiple displays seem like they will operate as two separate screens.

That being the case, the patent does show how both screens can complement one another. When playing a game, for example, one screen could serve as a display, while the other could serve as the controller. Similarly, one screen could be used to compose an email, while the other could be used to show the messages in a user’s inbox.

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The patent also shows off a variety of other ways the foldable device operates. It also seems to have an app-pairing option similar to the Galaxy Note 8, which allows to apps to utilize the phablet’s split-screen functionality. This function could allow the Galaxy X users to multitask by running two different apps simultaneously.

Though only recently discovered, the patent was actually filed in early 2016, and much of Samsung’s Android skin has changed since then, as seen in the company’s newest flagships.

Source: GalaxyClub