Qualcomm demonstrates how gigabit LTE reduces network congestion


  • gmd

    When it’s rolled out here, it’ll be qui a contrast with Chatr’s 3G and Public Mobile’s lite 3G-ish speeds.

  • Anonymous

    So I guess wireless data won’t ever be cheaper let alone unlimited in Canada reason being by the time Freedom or smaller carriers get LTE speeds , Big 3 will already be bragging about how faster their LTE -A or whatever they wanna call it is and keep charging premium.

    • Alex

      lol, i agree. no idea why they are still in the game of, WE CAN BE FASTER, jeeze, my LTE is already 4x faster than my wifi at home. And i never once had issues gaming, streaming, downloading anything on my pc. Granted, faster would be nice on my wifi, but dont need it.
      What i’d like is not having to have to keep an eye on my data usage… sigh