UberEATS now recommends dishes catered to a user’s tastes and displays community ratings

UberEATS on iPhone

Uber has added new features to the UberEATS app to improve its user experience. The new tweaks are intended to give feedback on a user’s choices of places to eat in order to help them narrow down their options.

Starting today, Uber will display the most recent UberEATS community ratings, so users can see what the community thinks regarding certain restaurants and specific dishes at the restaurant — nearly in real time. This functionality brings a five star rating system to restaurants in the app and a thumbs up or a thumbs down rating system for the dishes provided at the restaurants.

While UberEATS already recommends restaurants for users depending on their previous deliveries, the app now suggests specific dishes at restaurants that are intended to be tailored to the user’s taste.

Last but not least is a new feature which puts restaurants marked as favourite at the top of their feed.

Unlike the rating system for drivers, restaurants do not require a certain rating to stay on the UberEATS app. However, it’s necessary that restaurants refrain from inappropriate behaviour and comply with food regulations, which are found within Uber’s community guidelines.

McDelivery on UberEATS has rolled out to the Kitchener, London and Waterloo area back in August. As well, Uber has recently also added a multi-stop feature within the ride-hailing app.

Source: Uber Newsroom