Canadians are using an average of 1.2GB of data per month on wireless devices, says CRTC report

The telecom watchdog has released its annual wireless and internet Communications Monitoring report


  • EddieWinslow

    I actually find this to be quite low. Probably because everyone is WIFI hunting at every location to make sure they don’t use up all their data. I struggle to stay under my 7GB allotment, and I am on wifi quite a bit. As for home internet, cutting the cord for cable, my usage is much much higher as now we rely on streaming everything on Netflix, Amazon, Sportsnet,nhl and mlb networks etc.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Have to agree. Some months I use more than others but on average I’m blowing through at least 3GB in a month and sometime as much as 5GB. 1.2GB? Hardly that believable. Then again that could be said about most of the stuff written on this website.

    • John Lofwire

      most ppl posting on this website are what we could call poweruser or very techy ppl.

      I can confirm easy that mostly all my clients use less than 2 gb a month.

      on a 30 lines business account here my average breakdown : 500 mb or less = 7 users , 501 to 1 gb another 5 users , 1 gb to 2 gb another 16 users , more than 2 gb 2 users.

      I rarely see more than 5 gb on a single user and when its happen i can see its mostly video streaming ( i have tool to analyse that )

    • John Lofwire

      7 GB probably 75% of that is video streaming.

      So instead of streaming video why not download them on wifi? i do that with both netflix and amazon prime.

    • hardy83

      Data caps and overage charges are definitely a factor I imagine.
      If there were no overages, just softcaps, I imagine the average monthly data used would be much higher. Probably double or at least 1.5x.

      From my personal experience, when I got an unlimited data plan, my mindset on using data totally changed. Sure I don’t like being throttled, but I basically do everything that most people wait for wifi to do like watch big videos, update apps etc. With no fear of extra fees, I just care less about data management.

  • Sean-Paul

    I use 10gbs easy

    • John Lofwire

      on network i use 2 to 3 gb.

      combined with wifi i use more than 40 gb a month easy.

      i dont see how ppl need so much data its as if they dont want to use wifi or use it wisely.

      email , social network ( no video ) , gaming ( no download ) and GPS have very lil usages on your data allowance.

      What kill it is video too much video.

  • Lukeiphone

    i use 15 gbs easy

  • Brigitte Laskowski

    I and my friend blasted right through our 8 GBs of LTE data each with Freedom Mobile and are being slowed down. They want $10 extra for a 3 GB add on but this girl ain’t biting.

    • John Lofwire

      Maybe your friend should use wifi more 😉

  • Victor Creed

    Of course the number is low. You give someone a bowl of ice cream with 2 scoops and tell them an additional scoop will cost your first born child. You only eat two scoops.

    This a is pathetic use of CRTC resources here if they are trying to say we don’t need more data based on these numbers.

    • JoMore

      One of the better analogies I’ve heard in a while.. 👏 👏

    • John Lofwire

      That analogy only apply to power user like you who represent less than 5% of customers base.

      I have load of clients who use less than 2 gb a months and NEVER go over or limit themselve they use the device as much as they needs.

      Myself i do about 2 to 3 gb per months ( mostly music streaming and email and gps ) as everything else i just do it on wifi before going out ( movie on netflix , game download ect )

      Now your analogy is good.
      what if you are diabetic and dont need more than 2 scoop?

  • JoMore

    “more than a quarter of those who subscribed to a monthly data plan had at least 5GB of data”
    No kidding when the offer is $25 for 1GB or $50 for 5GB and the overage on 1GB was $60 PER GIG!!

  • John Lofwire

    Thats why data cost so much for the power users.

    Most ppl dont use much data and are fine with 2 gb.

    and Yep they do pay for bigger data plan for nothing most of the time.

    as for overuse at high price.. notification is your friend and advise you at 50% , 75% , 90% of your allowance so you just add more data at around 10$ per 4 gb to finish your cycle.

  • When I used to live in US, my phone plan was unlimited and I paid half what I pay now and used ~26GB a month, what a shame now I have to struggle with 6GB for double price.
    Why Canada data is so expensive? Never got the point

  • icedteee

    So I just did the math, and with 24 million smart phone users in Canada, the average TOTAL bandwidth use of mobile data in the country is just under 88 Gbps, which can be switched by a single device. We’re barely using any of the potential of our mobile networks

  • Raj Singh

    I hit 10GB last month.

  • jay

    because they still offer 500MB plans. so people are careful to use data. if they give us unlimited data pretty sure it’ll be 3.2 GB