Pixel 2 users solve microphone issues by blowing through the smartphone

The temporary fix is, to say the least, decidedly old school

Pixel 2

While Pixel 2 users have had fewer issues with their smartphone compared to Pixel 2 XL owners, the device is still far from perfect. One of the device’s most frequently citied issues on the Google Product Forums is that its microphone sometimes doesn’t work during phone calls and while communicating with Google Assistant.

Within a dedicated discussion thread in the Google Product Forums a user has found a unusual fix for the problem.

Blow into the device.

That’s right, user ‘Adam Zeird’ has found out that blowing into the bottom speaker — like one would with an old Nintendo game cartridge — will cause the microphone to start working again.

Meanwhile, blowing on the speaker while the microphone is working will cause it to stop functioning, which is likely how many microphones stopped working in the first place, as it’s only natural to blow into the bottom speaker when talking on the phone.

This solution has not only worked for Zeird, as a number of other users have reported the fix working for them as well. Some users have found blowing into the device’s USB Type-C port will also cause the microphone to start functioning again. One user has posted a video of himself performing the fix to confirm that it actually works.

With blowing fix not being permanent, other users have found simply returning their phone for a replacement has been the best solution.

Other users have mentioned that blowing has fixed the issue for their Pixel 2 XL as well.

Unlike the Pixel 2, the Pixel 2 XL has a large array of hardware and software issues such as screen burn-in, an odd clicking noise and an audio whining after video recording.

Source: Google Product Forms, Via: Android Police