VOIP provider Plivo concerned Rogers will block all application-to-person SMS


  • revelation68

    If I’m reading this correctly it appears they are attempting to stop folks from using voip/sms apps in place of there own offerings. I’ve been using fongo for a few years to send and receive texts and pay 10 $ for 6 months of texting to fongo Only using the shared data add on for 5$ on my wife’s 10gb 80$ plan so I pay 5$ for my line just to access data… guess I can’t do that anymore

    • While that would be an unintended (or intended depend on your opinion) consequence, the bigger reason this is happening is to combat SMS spam.

  • JD

    Rogers: No more Spamming our customers. Only we get to do that! and spam them we will! as well as people who aren’t our customers!

  • Bill___A

    I remember when Rogers had a mechanism where they would stop each and every SMS message. Then, they would send you a message asking if you would approve it. It was just crazy. What the industry needs to do is get a platform so they can allow all legitimate SMS and block the illegitimate ones.

  • Just Jess

    I think Rogers will find a big backlash if they decide to enact this. Lots of people use Voip messaging around the world, and if you’re unable to receive texts from someone you message regularly from another country say, you’re going to find a Canadian provider that allows you to do this! It will be Roger’s loss.

  • Micheal Archer

    I’m curious as to how this might affect multi-factor authentications. For example, my workplace requires periodic validation codes to be entered and in some cases the only way to receive them is via text message or phone call. Similarly, some online businesses will require you to verify your phone number by entering a code sent to you by text (eBay, PayPal, etc). These are certainly not sent by a person and they are certainly requested specifically by the person paying for the account which will receive them. Additionally, Rogers themselves offers a location-based promotion by text service but they are certainly not the only one on the market – would these also be blocked (other than the Rogers sponsored ones, obviously)?