Samsung Gear Sport and Samsung Gear Icon X now available in Canada


  • Jonathan

    too bad it runs on Tizen OS and not android wear. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t wanna use bixby vs Google Assistant and that’s a major turn off.

  • I can’t find the new gear icon x anywhere. Any help?

    • Dylan Sookdeo

      Same here. Looked everywhere and still can not find it.

  • Paul Ber

    Bestbuy does have a 10% off pre-order deal.

    I am not that interested in Android Wear anymore. All those Designer Android watches are overpriced and missing features. And the other ones aren’t available in Canada that have NFC.

  • Inaccurate in regard to the Gear Icon X

  • Daniel Giddings

    Gear IconX not available #ReportingFail

  • Daniel Giddings

    I can’t believe this article is still up when it’s clearly wrong. Sad that, as a Canadian, I can’t trust a Canadian site to bring me accurate tech news ????

  • john smith

    just called Samsung store in Toronto. dumb teenagers who r high half of the time. no clue what and when they get it.. no IconX in Canada. amazon. com has it. but for this price get bragy or Bose.. way better sound