Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hangs out on a giant wind turbine with some champagne

jeff Bezos

In a new, surprisingly compelling video posted to his official Twitter account, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos smashes a bottle of champagne on a giant wind turbine, as the camera dramatically pans out in cinematic fashion.

Bezos is no stranger to this sort of viral content. The CEO launched Amazon as an online bookstore back in the 1990s and changed his workout routine at some point over the last few years, spawning a series of very justified ‘buff bezos’ memes.

The Amazon czar wasn’t just standing on a wind turbine in the middle of a wind farm for fun; he was christening Amazon’s new wind farm located in Texas. The location provides clean, renewable energy to help run Amazon’s various businesses.

Mimicking a scene from a late 90s action movie that probably stars Nicholas Cadge, Bezos subtly arches his hips as he smashes the champagne bottle with authority, all while exuding a level of confidence only attainable by the type of man whose company ships everything from dongles to nutella.

Also, watch as Bezos’ buff arm effortlessly falls to his side following the mass destruction of the champagne bottle — the man just doesn’t care that your package is delayed right now.