Freedom Mobile’s $40/6GB and $50/8GB promos are back for a ‘limited time’ [Update]


  • Grumpel

    Their LTE is so fast and reliable.

    • Nino Bonifacio

      YMMV Mate

  • milfou

    Life is too short to struggle with them.

  • Lloyd Willett

    Wish koodo and virgin would come out with a deal like that $40 6gb of data and unlimited Canada wide calling

    • Walter

      I’ve always wondered why the budget brands never tried these plans myself.

    • PeterC

      Vote with your wallet

  • “Those features include unlimited Canada-wide minutes and 2,400 minutes to the U.S.” is incorrect.

    It includes unlimited minutes to Canada and the U.S. When roaming in Canada or the U.S. it includes 2,400 minutes to Canada and the U.S. Also included when roaming is unlimited worldwide texting and 1 Gig of data.