Bose’s Google Assistant-powered QuietComfort headphones are real


  • Marshall Davidson

    I have a pair of Bose QC 15 headphones and I have to say I’m not impressed with the build quality. These are expensive headphones and the name is what you pay for because the sound quality isn’t necessarily all that great but nor is the fact that the inner ear cushion on these things start to fray and fall apart making it near impossible to repair after about 2 years of use. Long after the warranty is finished. I’ll take a pass.

    • 魔鬼

      i have using my QC15 for over 4 years and it still without any issues
      You could find the ear pads on online very easy and replace it yourself

    • Aven

      I’ve had my QC35 for over a year now. No complaints, still in a good shape. I think it’s worth every penny when you are seeking quietness in loud places.

    • Brad Fortin

      the name is what you pay for

      I thought the noise cancellation is what you pay for because Bose’s noise cancellation is second to none?

  • gremlin0007

    Is this thing phone dependent or can I just use it anywhere that I can connect to wifi?

    • It’s technically phone dependent and the headphones are essentially used for voice input while all the processing and network connectivity happens on your phone

    • gremlin0007

      Ahhh ok thanks. I guess I’ll pass on these. Was kinda hoping they’d be more like the Google homes where I wouldn’t need to have my phone on me.

    • Chris G

      Yeah I agree I almost don’t get the point/difference other than to tell it to play music