LG confirms the mid-range Q6 will launch at Canadian carriers on September 28


  • stann

    Are they on crack selling a phone with snapdragon 435 for $450???

    • Jon Duke

      Sure seems like they are pushing too. A SD 435 with an above HD screen seems scary to me.

    • John Lofwire


      Should had sold it at 500$ with a SD 650 or something.

    • Elky64

      Definitely a 6xx would have been a better choice. Guess there’s a method to their madness in that, the SD 435 will be obsolete sooner.

      These days it seems it’s all about giving the manufacture the upper hand, if you buy into it, rather than this “LG takes pride in listening to the consumer” – Pretty sure most customers knowing what they want wouldn’t be asking for what lies on the bottom.

    • Smanny

      Well it does have MIL-STD 810G. So water, dust, vibration, shock proof rating. Naturally mobilesyrup forgot to mention that fact about the Q6. Plus it’s display is 2:1 aspect ratio.

    • Jon Duke

      Nice. I didn’t even know. I admit it makes it more interesting. The QHD screen on a mid-range is pretty cool (even if I am concerned of performance).

  • Desi

    Not sure about that price quoted but it’s the only midrange with the near bezel less display. Ths sd 430 is definitely not for gamers.