Google Assistant starts rolling out to Canadian Marshmallow and Nougat Android smartphones


  • Rabid Rotty

    Nothing here on the Nexus 6P with 7.1.2 and enrolled in the Play Services Beta program.

    • awhite2600

      I just checked my Nexus 6P running the 7.1.2 beta. The assistant popped up when I long pressed the home button.

    • Rabid Rotty

      Still nothing for me. EL Goog hate me

  • Darryl Barnes

    How do you check? Or does it just happen automatically?

    • It’ll happen automatically, and at random. Patience is key here 😛

    • treefrog

      My Nexus 5 appears to have it now. I didn’t have any clue until I did a long-press on my home button.

    • Jim__R

      Ditto on both sentences.

  • Dennis Dong

    Just held down my onscreen home button and boom, google assistant! (Nexus 6P, latest OS)

  • Stephane Kyle

    Got it a few hours ago on my LG G4.

    • xunit94 .

      Who are you with? My G4 hasn’t received anything, I’m with bell

    • Stephane Kyle

      I’m with Videotron.

    • Frank Wong

      Doesn’t matter who you’re with it’s a Google update not a carrier one.

    • 8balldown

      Think they are unless you have a google cell phone. EG not a Samsung…

    • Frank Wong

      Nah it’s a Google Play Services OTA update and Google is doing it in stages. Carrier doesn’t matter since it’s coming through the Google Play Store.

  • Gregg Wilson

    So the assistant will replace Google Now? I’m using a custom launcher (Nova) and my long press home button opens Google Now.

    • Jason van de Laar

      Yes, assistant is an evolution of Google Now that is a lot more powerful because it supports things like 2 way conversations. It incorporates what Google has researched the last few years in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    • 7-down

      No it isn’t. Google Assistant is an evolution of Google Search app. Google Now is your “social feed” with the latest news and other things you follow, which will coexist along with Assistant until Google bundles those 2 services into one ultimate app. But Google loves to have 2 of everything, so we’ll see.

    • thereasoner

      The two will have to coexist for some time as Assistant still won’t be available to the vast majority of active Android devices.

    • thereasoner

      No, I still have my Google Now page with my automatically generated information on my Pixel although Assistant should take over any verbal inquiries you make. About the only difference you will notice is that Assistant is capable of normal conversation in that it keeps track of the context and subject matter being discussed without the constant need to be reminded of what you’re talking about.

    • Gregg Wilson

      Yea… “OK Google” also still opens Google Now so it seems waiting is still in order. Glad to see that Canada is starting to get it already though.

    • thereasoner

      Try saying- “okay Google, is there a Keg restaurant nearby”
      After its reply say “do they serve sushi”

      If you’re on Google Assistant it will know who “they” is because it follows along on a normal conversation.

      You should get a bunch of related links within the conversation pane, the regular app will just kick you into Google search.

    • Gregg Wilson

      Yea.. I’ve played with it a bit on Allo. The interface is completely different. I asked for the hockey scores and “she” told me – then I asked who scored the winning goal and Goog just gave me the scores on the screen. The waiting continues…

    • thereasoner

      Ah, I see. Well it’s just a Google services update so you can try and pull it from the Play Store by either updating the Google app itself (if one is ready) or try the Play Services info app , it’s a utility app that “checks the status, install and update the Google Play services”.

  • John W

    Just checked and got it… Nexus6 with Koodo

  • Felix

    How about nougat update for my s7 edge…

  • Ernie

    What language settings did you have set that received it?

    • 7-down

      It only supports English. So, set your language to English.

    • Ernie

      Yes. But English US or English CAN

    • Stephen B Morris

      I had US English, but I was able to switch to Canada English to get access to CBC news and Sportsnet. So I’m not sure that it matters.

  • Bell, S6 Edge, no Google Play Services update yet.

    Looking forward to it!

  • Simon R Czesak

    nothing on Rogers S7 Edge yet.

  • Zaptor99

    Got it yesterday on my Note 4

    • 8balldown

      Happy for you – not rolled out on Rogers yet on Note 4.

  • Justin

    For those that have, does it matter which English is that you use (Canada or US English)?
    What is the version of the Google App, and Play Services that have Assistant?

  • Jon Duke

    So.. I’ve asked this on many sites and so far, no one was able to give me a clear answer. What’s the difference between Now and Assistant?

    • thereasoner

      One of my favorite features is my “daily briefing”. Just ask Assistant for it and you get a ;
      – good morning
      – the time and weather forecast
      – any calendar events you may have or any information pertaining to you for this particular day including appointments or bills due etc.
      – holiday or any general information about this date (apparently it’s international women’s day today) and an information tidbit about that.
      – sports scores and an audio news feed at the end

      It’s the first thing I have my phone do every day while I make my coffee. Other than that the difference is the Assistant’s ability to keep track of a conversation topic and context without the need to be reminded of what you’re talking about.

    • Jon Duke

      Thanks. You are the first to give me a good answer. Now I really want it!

    • meister

      You can also control a bunch of devices with voice like Philips Hue lights, Nest and with a bit of fiddling with IFTTT and Harmony, have some voice commands over your home theater system which is pretty neat! Among other things 🙂

    • Jon Duke

      That’s pretty cool. Hope I get it soon.

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  • h2oflyer

    Got it this morning from Rogers on my S7. Never did use Google Now, but this looks interesting I’ll have to try it for awhile.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Looks like I got it on my HTC M8. Haven’t played around with it much yet

  • Brendan S

    I had the Google app set to English US and got assistant. After I changed to to English CANADA. The assistant update disappeared

    • Brendan S

      S7 edge on bell

  • Ernie

    Still nothing on my Nexus 6p!!!!!

  • tvguy

    Got it tonight on my Moto Z Force with Telus!

  • Ernie

    Just got it after I updated to the Google beta app update!!!

  • Frank Wong

    Anyone know when the Galaxy S5 Neo will get it?

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  • Mark W

    I changed the system language to English US from English CAN on my S7 Edge (Telus) and now have Google Assistant. The Sports/News options were all from the US so I changed the system language back to English CAN and that gave me the option to select CBC News and Sportsnet. But Google Assistant wouldn’t read news from either of these when asked (it just displayed ‘Sorry, I can’t get the news right now’ on the screen), and after a while long-pressing the home button resorted to Google Now on Tap (no Assistant). I had to change back to English US again to get Assistant back. Maybe it’s because the roll-out to Canadian Nougat/Marshmallow phones is still underway?

    • Ernie

      You can asked for local news. Ex. I live in Halifax. So I say Halifax news. It works.

    • Mark W

      Ah good tip, thanks!

  • Finn Shadow

    I just got the google assistant on my Moto G4 Play. It seems to have installed along side google tap, rather than replacing it. It never told me when I got the assistant, I just said ok google, and it poped up. But from the google now launcher, it still uses google tap.

  • TechHungry

    Nexus 6P, English US with Android Beta and still no Assistant…is anyone else seeing the same delay? I would have thought I’d get it sooner…

    • Frank Wong

      I still don’t have it. I have a Galaxy S5 Neo with Google App v 6.13 and android 6.0.1 Marshmellow. I should be eleigible but I have no idea.

    • Luke

      Just tried my wife’s S5 Neo and no love for her either.

  • Zaptor99

    I got it a few days ago on my note 4, then I saw all the comments about changing the language. So I checked mine and I had set it to US way back and forgot about it. SO, I set it back to Canadian, and Assistant disappeared. In addition, the option to say ok google from any screen is greyed out. So, I went back to US. I think MobileSyrup should do a poll and see how many got Google Assistant while their language in English Cdn.

  • Frank Wong

    So here’s how I got my Google Assistant on my Galaxy S5 Neo. I was going to wait till my phone gets it on English (Canada) but it took too long so I set my phone’s language to English (US) and restarted, That’s when I got Google Assistant. I hope this helps others.

  • Rian

    I just got Google Assistant on my LG G5 after doing what other people mentioned. Changing the language to English (US) and it’s working perfectly fine so far.

  • Russ

    I wasn’t getting Google Assistant, even with language set to English US and the most up-to-date APKs. The solution was to clear the cache and data for the Google App.

    On my HTC One A9 with Nougat, I had to navigate to “Settings > Apps > Google App” then click “Storage > Manage Space > Clear all data”. That second part may differ slightly in other versions of Android).

    After this, I rebooted my phone, and Google Assistant came up for the first time. Note that I’m set to English (Canada), so it wasn’t necessary for me to change my language. When I managed the Assistant settings, I had a variety of US and Canadian news sources from which to choose.

    • Andre

      I just did the same (Galaxy S7 Edge, Rogers, Nougat) and it also worked, except after switching back to English (Canada) as first language and rebooting again, Google Assistant is still there. Furthermore after removing English (US) altogether and rebooting, Google Assistant is also still there.

    • Frank Wong

      I did the same and the next day Google Assistant disappeared. If you want Google Assisstant keep language set on English (US).

    • Andre

      Agreed, same thing happened to me after all. It stayed for a while then disappeared.

    • Dave Long

      Thanks Russ, worked perfectly on S7 Telus.

    • Kody

      Worked for me with my Le Eco Le Max 2 on Public Mobile.
      Running EUI (based on Marshmallow)

    • Atropin I.V.

      didnt work for me. on fido and huawei…

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  • Kevin Valencourt

    Sadly, I just tried your suggestion Russ. And still no GA. ;(
    On Telus in Ontario. S6
    Cleared All Data in the Google App and Changed to English US and rebooted. Just back to the first time setup of Google Now, no GA 🙁

  • Galaxy

    No Google Assistant on my s7 (but it has Nougat).

  • bobfreeze

    It would be great to get an update on this rollout – who has it and who doesn’t. My Rogers LG G4 does not yet have this update.

  • fitter328

    Finally got on my HTC one m9 (Koodo) using Russ’s instructions. Thanks!

  • LifeWulf

    Two months later and I still don’t have Assistant. Do you seriously have to set it to English (US)? S7 Edge on Nougat here.