Microsoft’s reported Andromeda OS is a modular platform that replaces old Windows 10 OS variants

windows 10 microsoft build

Microsoft Windows is reportedly working on a new modular platform called Andromeda OS that will be available across all of its devices, according to Windows Central.

The publication states that the new platform is part of Microsoft’s goal of making Windows 10 a more flexible operating system (OS) that will work across multiple products.

Windows 10 Mobile, Windows on Xbox and Windows 10 on desktop are all different variants of the Windows 10 OS which would be replaced by Andromeda OS.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Nokia and Dell, will have access to the Andromeda OS and then decide exactly what to add to the platform, instead of choosing from pre-defined Windows variants.

Further, Windows wants the Andromeda OS to function similarly to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which OEMs use as a base and skin with their own desired design and features. In this case, Andromeda OS would work with the Xbox, tablets, laptops, smartphones and wearables.

As of right now, OneCore and the Universal Windows Platform are the only parts of the Windows 10 operating system (OS) that are completely universal. Other components, such as Win32, used for desktops, are not universal and therefore likely components that Microsoft would like to get rid of in the future.

According to Windows Central, Andromeda OS is set to be mobile-focused and should be ready at some point in 2018. The rumoured Surface phone, if released, will potentially run Windows 10 on top of Andromeda OS, instead of Windows 10 Mobile. Andromeda OS for desktop and Xbox devices will supposedly come later.

Andromeda OS will work with Microsoft’s Composable Shell (CShell), which uses an adaptive UI across all of  Windows user interfaces.

It is possible that Microsoft may delay the Andromeda OS or even pull the plug on the OS. However, it’s similarly possible that with the release of Andromeda OS, Microsoft will unveil a new Windows product that will run the OS.

Source: Windows Central