Microsoft’s reported Andromeda OS is a modular platform that replaces old Windows 10 OS variants


  • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Last year, weren’t there reports/rumors of Google potentially replacing Android/Chrome with a new OS, also called “Andromeda” ? lol

    • FirstLine

      Yes. I think it’s called Zircon now.

  • Nil

    Wtf!? That will create so much confusion – Android and Andromeda and people will have no idea in what ecosystem they get into anymore. I get it, nobody likes windows anymore, they became too greedy for your privacy. But not to trick you into using their system pretending they could be some new Android thing is just lame

  • Elky64

    This just sounds like another one of their retrenchments/change-of-direction that will be tossed in a bin sooner rather than later. So we don’t pay much attention to what MSFT does anymore.

  • FlipFlopcarrot

    And they also forgot to mention how they will abandon it after the release. People who have already switched to Android or Apple from Windows will not move back and Microsoft will have a hard time to prove its OS worth. They could have done so much more with their OS but all they did was abandon it in midway.