AppleCare+ for the iPhone X will cost $249 in Canada


  • Dimitri

    So $1,513 for the 256GB model + $249 AppleCare+ + $50 for a case and screen protector = $1,812 before tax.

    With taxes it will round up to $2,047 for the phone, AppleCare+ and a case with screen protector.

    That’s ridiculous.. Is that even worth it? Apple Care alone will save the phone cost by alot by still need to pay $129 service fee. In the end that whole amount is going more and more into the $2,000 range.

    This is madness.

    • kenvin100

      I think people will still buy into the iPhone craze. I’d advise people to buy Apple stock rather their phones because Apple is going to make a TON of $$$. Their profit margin is absurd!

    • Dimitri

      Oh i know. It’s a shame that so many will spend that much on their CC for this phone is outrages and stupid to say the least. Not jealous as I wouldn’t spend $2,000 on a phone and accessories but dam.

    • Andrew Holt

      I disagree, I think Apple has pushed the price point too far this time and this could very well be the turning point that actually costs them net customers to cheaper rivals. I think this year in general will be the highest prices we see for phones for a while, and expect the market to come back down for a few years. More and more people are going to hold onto their phones for 2-3 years rather than upgrading yearly at these prices, and that will cause a major slowdown in sales that won’t improve until prices get more affordable.

    • Dimitri

      I hope so. It’s not just apple but Samsung and some others too. They are destroying this market bt doing this. I used to upgrade every 6 months because the pricing was WAY less. Now I am considering of upgrading every year and half – 2yrs.

    • Sean-Paul

      Same. Galaxy S10 seems like my next phone…. If that

    • kenvin100

      With companies like Samsung and Apple consistently marking up prices year after year, I think many people will go for a 2-3 year upgrade cycle as well. Something isn’t right about this industry.

    • Dimitri

      Agreed. It’s not and Samsung and Apple are ruining it. In a couple of years and it’s starting now many won’t be doing a yearly upgrade. They will start with their decide for 2-3 years until they can get another one

    • h2oflyer

      Don’t have to do the 2 – 3 yr upgrade. I do a yearly upgrade mainly because of phone improvements and switched from Samsung to Huawei P10+.which actually outperforms my previous S7.

      Downside is freinds say you got a Chinese “what”.

      Upside is I didn’t have to buy a vanity case with a hole in the back.

    • kenvin100

      I’ll look into that phone as I’m in need of an upgrade myself. Thanks.

    • Its not just Apple products though… I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on forums and blog that they would buy the Note 8 when they announced it after just buying the S8 or S8+

    • Stephen_81

      I just put out $1100 for the S8+, $100 for the Morphie Case $30 for a screen protector. and will probably drop another $80 for the wireless charging pod.

      Got to say I’m seriously considering the iPhone X, the price tag isn’t scaring me away, and I’m not even an Apple fanboy.

    • Dimitri

      $1,100 vs $2,045 is almost $1,000 difference. If you have that much to spend on a phone go ahead.

      The problem is Apple and Samsung and the rest are marking up the pricing of the devices to the point that they won’t get many sales sooner or later. It’s ridiculous.

    • Sunny Lee

      Woah woah, let’s take a step back there.

      The comparison is between:

      $1114.99 for 64GB S8+ without any additional warranty (on Samsung website) and
      $1319 for 64GB iPhone X without AppleCare+.

      The difference is $205, not $1000. And by the way, the S8 and S8+ are both performing well in sales.

    • BB BB

      S8 + cost me $500 and change,
      Dished out for a case, wireless charger $50 on sale, 128gb SD card and Samsung Mobile Care. I thought it was quite pricey at the time but looking at these numbers makes me alot happier.

      Don’t forget about iCloud storage for backups and photos etc which is easily another $50 per year.

      Until people stop buying from this and other companies, they will only keep getting greedier including the carriers.

  • Zul Rizvi

    iphone X camera bump is so ugly

  • BB BB

    AppleScare+ used to be good. Until I actually had a problem with my battery which they refused to replace. You basically jump through hoops until you a) reproduce the problem b) are told this is normal b) are fed up and have no more time to deal with their genius bar crap and leave to buy a different phone.

  • Leconte Dave


  • Ghenosis

    Power surge your iPhone’s with USB Killer, skip the deductible, and get a new phone. Google it, you’re welcome.

  • Marshall Davidson

    I’ve never wasted my time on these warranty services but at this price its a complete rip-off. Its akin to buying a new Apple TV or a couple other accessories. Then again the price of the iPhone X is outrageous as well.

    • aaron

      Apple care is actually worth it compared to the crap warranty they sell at the cellphone stores