Rogers increases wireless ‘Connection Fee’ to $25 from $20

Fees have increased by $5


  • MoYeung

    Another “Canada sucks” moment…

  • Dimitri

    There it is. They are trying to find ways to recoup the money they are going to lose with the free unlocking coming in December. Disgusting.

    • Nundo

      The price of the upgrade/activation fee has fluctuated over the last couple of years. $35, to $20 ($5-$10 sim card in-store) or $15 ($10 sim in store) for some carriers. Bell has been charging $25 for the last two-three months. The CRTC should really set a maximum fee for all carriers when it comes to activation/upgrades. But as you stated above with the unlocking fee … They will always find a way to make it up elsewhere

    • Stephen_81

      One can’t really set a maximum “activation fee” because another fee would just be added. We can’t have government regulate ever facet of the business.

      I like that it is waved online, I prefer to do my transactions in the store for the instant gratification of taking the phone, but if I want to save money and do it online I’m happy they give me that option.

    • Nundo

      Until they decide to whip up a shipping charge of a similar dollar value lol

    • It’s Me

      No reason to think it’s related unlocks. It’s just another gouge. They gouge. It’s what they do.

      You honestly think they wouldn’t have done this if they could still lock? Any reason to think that?

    • Dimitri

      Why change it now though? Think about it. $5 per customer that upgrades / opens a new line goes far ways and gives them half if not a quarter of what they are losing with the unlocking fee.

      Remember most now are waiting to unlock their phone in December for free. So for the rest of the months remaining, Rogers is losing money. It’s true that they gouge their customers. Anything so they can make a pretty penny. Yet they give nice figures to their CEOs, OOP and the management.

    • Stephen_81

      reason to do it now is because September is a hot upgrade month, people get their OSAP, New iPhones come out, new Samsung Note, New LG V30. People will complain about the $5, but the majority wont sway their $1000 purchase over a $5 increase.

    • It’s Me

      Why not change it now? When you are in a cartel with nearly 100% market power, you do as you wish when you wish.

    • Dimitri

      That is true however this is Rogers we are talking about. If they lose any amount of money, they will find a way with another service fee to get that money back. I am not surprised about it as I knew they would have done this.

    • It’s Me

      And yet this is rogers we are talking about, they will never pass up an opportunity to just raise rates for no reason. I am not surprised about it as I knew they would do this. Again.

      No reason to make up reasons for their gouging. They just gouge. Admin fees are a gouge. Unlock fees are a gouge. Increasing fees are just another gouge. Simple.

    • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

      Recovering for lost income due to a problem they created in the first place.

      Quite the definition of “racketeering”.

  • KiwiBri

    actually, maybe its really the CEO Salary recovery fee? or perhaps the unlocking fee recovery fee…

    • It’s Me

      It’s the “it’s Monday” fee. Or the “might as well” fee.

  • KiwiBri

    the “Turning the phone off” fee will be coming soon. A fee , for when you turn off your phone and don’t use it..

    • It’s Me

      “Did you just breathe?” fee.

      “Fee collection fee” because taking your money is expensive.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Scumbag company this is. Just another nickle and dime shop

  • bigshynepo

    New CEO looking for an easy win with shareholders, especially on the back of more record signups.

  • h2oflyer

    Back in the day of the Rogers Battery Less Radio the government charged you a fee for plugging in your Rogers radio receiver. The jackbooted inspectors/fee collectors went door to door checking for radios.

    A century later they’re still gouging us as communication advances.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Well yeah…. their court battle with Adam Lackman isn’t going to pay itself

  • Theo

    What is the breakdown of all the carrier activation fees? I know bell is also $25,Do they all charge $25?

    • Chris M.

      Telus doesn’t charge an ‘activation/connection’ fee – but they do charge you for the SIM card so technically their fee is $10. This is for new activations only though – I think on upgrades there may be an admin fee of some sort with Telus but I could be wrong.

      And there’s nothing to break down, let’s be honest.

  • Roger

    TBH, they usually waive those fees. I have not paid for any SIM cards or connection fees in the last 15 years. When I jumped ship from Telus to Bell (corp plan), the store employee waived the $25 fee without me having to ask. I was expecting to pay. Telus always reimbursed the SIM card fee whenever I needed a new one with an upgrade.

  • Andrew Holt

    Rogers is on a roll today. First this admin fee increase and now also the Roam Like Home increase to $6/day in the USA. I expect my rate plan to increase by the end of the day.

  • fruvous

    The Value Train at Rogers continues to roll.

    How long before the others raise their connection fees?

  • skinned

    Remember when acquiring a new customer setting up an account was the cost of doing business that would eventually pay for itself? What happened? Shareholders.

  • Jason Martins

    Every time Canadians turn around someone has their hands in our pockets. We get little value for big $… This is what happens when there is no competition and big time regulation to ensure legitimate competition is blocked from entering the Canadian market. You can also throw in the banks and their outrageous service fees for the privilege of handling our money (ever try and take out more than 3000$ from a bank??)

    • John Lofwire

      Agreed with mostly all you said beside the bank crap.

      I am with desjardins and i buyed load of stuff for my new appartement ( a bit over 6k ) and all i had is to call them and they unlocked my limit to do my purchase ( no extra fee or anything its counted as a normal interact transaction ) So i recommend you change bank..

  • vn33

    What a BS fee!!

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Obviously Rogers continues to gain loads and loads of new customers… so Rogers must be doing something right. So, better off disregarding complainers in the articles related to Rogers price increases.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Does this apply to plan changes, i.e. switching from prepaid to postpaid within Rogers? Is Fido charging as well?