Vidéotron launches ‘Daily Traveller Pass’ daily roaming package


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  • Jeff Thibert

    This is….pretty great.

  • LarryD

    Yeah, pretty great when you consider that Rogers/ Fido is $5.00 per day in USA and you pay for a maximum of 10 days in current billing cycle while international is $10.00 per day for maximum of 10 days in current billing cycle. The balance of the month is no cost. So, half price on the international roaming side.

  • Ipse

    Agreed….Videotron has decent plans (I’m a customer) but boy, the overages are ridiculous (1.5$/MB…ludicrous even if you can cap It) and this roaming offer is twice as expensive as Robbers.
    Canadian carriers must be orgasmic that they don’t have to face the competition building up in US.

    • Humbre

      You are aware roaming tariffs are commercially negotiated, right? Odds are, Rogers/Fido probably pay half the wholesale tariff because of their size and volume of callers.

    • Ipse

      You are aware that Videotron has a Canada -wide roaming agreement with Robbers, right? They could have capitalized on that to reduce the US fees.
      You are also aware that Videotron us the ONLY Canadian carrier that has a number of plans allowing for 90 days unlimited use if voice and data while traveling in US (drawing from the monthly allotment), right?
      So it’s not like they lack the negotiation power.

    • Humbre

      Videotron, Freedom (Wind) and Ice Wireless have a CRTC mandated Canadian roaming tariff they cannot use said tariff to “reduce the US fees”.

      My argument isn’t that Videotron lacks negotiation power, I simply stated they have less than Incumbents when negotiating with U.S companies. This consequently means that the final end-user tariff cannot be lower (margins being equal) than the one offered by an incumbent because the wholesale roaming tariff behind is lower.

      Either you are commenting on something you do not understand, or you are commenting in bad faith Ipse. Either way, SMH.

    • Ipse

      Ok obviously you’re a “bad humbre” ????