Bixby Voice is now available in Canada


  • Nainesh Modi

    Not yet..

  • Napi

    Bell here, nothing yet.

  • Sean-Paul

    Nothing over here yet

  • Allister Kyle

    Rogers. nothing yet

  • Chris DaCosta

    Nothing for me yet

  • Yorgo82

    Yesterday morning I got the update Bixby voice . In the card I can see cards about Bixby but nothing is working. :/

  • Kevin

    5:20am and I just got an update from Galaxy Apps with the same 5 I got the other day. But still no Voice active yet. For the record folks. Doesn’t matter what provider you are on. This is a server side switch that Samsung will have to Activate.
    Haven’t actually heard of anyone getting it yet in Canada.

  • Nainesh Modi

    Bell Canada, Bixby Voice fully functional as of now.. I am gonna play more..!!

    • Kevin

      You’re lying. Just confirmed with Samsung that server hasn’t gone online yet. No one outside Korea and the USA has it. It’s physically impossible.

    • Kevin

      Nainesh Modi deleted his comment , the one that said he was on Bell at Voice was working.
      Some people!

    • Yorgo82

      Lol Bixby started to work at 4.30 AM ” few min after that I left in here a msgs saying it’s just a dummy)
      It’s a new update(clean your cache). The guy at samsung should be fired who told you it’s impossible beside false physically it’s possible I had it since its out in the states on my canadian s8+ just by flashing the the USA csc.

  • NeilX

    Updated Bixby Apps about 30 min ago. No Bixby Voice yet.

  • Andrew English

    I see Bixby Voice in my apps but I don’t know how to turn it on, anyone know? I say hello bixby but not thing happens. lol

    • Andrew English

      I see another video that explains it. It’s up to the carrier to enable Bixby voice, the icon will appear in Bixby at the top beside the photo (to the left) when it’s enabled.

    • NeilX

      Wow even carriers hold the cards for this? That’s brutal. First it’s software updates and now you need to wait on your carrier to activate Bixby Feature? Lol

    • Kevin

      I am 99% sure that is incorrect. This should have nothing to do with the carrier.

    • Kevin

      When it’s enabled, you will know because when you hit the bixby button it will start the voice setup process.
      Your mobile provider has nothing to do with it, this is all on Samsung’s side.

    • NeilX

      Hope so. It’s pretty sad if it was the case.

  • NeilX

    Ok guys, go to your Bixby Apps in your settings and clear your cache and data. Bixby Voice now works

    • Kevin

      Yup, verified! Got it as well!

  • Kevin

    Just chatted into Samsung figured you would all like to see the chat regarding the release:

    Info: Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.
    Info: You are now chatting with Ken.
    Ken: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Canada support. How may I assist you today?
    Kevin: Ken. In regards to Bixby Voice Global release today. Does my Phone Carrier have anything to do with it enabling or is it all on Samsung’s side
    Ken:It is from Samsung only. It is not from carrier
    Kevin: Okay that’s what I thought. So are there issues with the release right now?
    Kevin: As I have all the updates. Bixby voice is in my Settings > Apps. But still no Voice setup when I hit the Bixby button
    Ken:Our concern department is working with the Bixby server. Once the server goes online you will be able to use Bixby
    Kevin: So it’s not working for ANYONE yet? I mean the Global Release
    Ken: You are correct. As of now it is not available.
    Kevin: Okay any ETA on the time? When the server will go active?
    Ken:I am sorry as of now we do not have information
    Kevin: So to confirm. There is an issue with the servers going online correct?
    Kevin: And due to those issues it may not go live today?
    Kevin: Correct?
    Ken:No need to worry. It will be available once the server is online today
    Kevin: Okay today! Good stuff, thanks Ken have a nice day

  • Gregg Lowden

    Yeah, if you want “US English” or Korean as your choice. Nether, do Canada English/French remain a pipe dream. Maybe Oreo will release soon for a flagship phone while waiting….

  • Neil Ladva

    cleared all bixby(each and every bixby app) data and cache and that worked for me after updating samsung apps and updating phone. after all that pressed the bixby button and it worked. just set it up, quite fun to use for simple tasks.

  • Lexcyn

    I just triple tapped the Bixby button and it worked for me… I’m running an unlocked Canadian model.

  • mike m

    i am getting bixby update error.

  • johny

    my bixby update had the same issue. now updated. just wait a while

  • Ericp2011

    Work for me, but it does always hear my voice. But not too bad so far.

  • Mines been updating for the past 30-40min lol

  • BB BB

    Hi Bixby, call my wife on speaker. Seems to be working. Accuracy is a bit off but it is working much better than my experience with SVoice or OK Google from a locked device. Just don’t try to ask her to launch the SiriusXM app.

  • Nil

    ….. and nobody cares

  • Trevor Dupuis

    My bixby is not working every command I get something went wrong or the hiccup error. For example “open settings” doesn’t work. “open clock” doesn’t work.

    I went to settings cleared cache and data for anything bixby related. Restarted my phone and then went through the setup of bixby voice again. Made sure I was in a quiet place as well. Same errors for every command I try. Am I the only one with this type of issue. Carrier is bell, phone is s8. All the latest updates are installed. Not going to factory reset my phone. I shouldn’t have to to fix this issue.

    Suggestions on what to try next?

    Thanks Trevor.

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