Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro will be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event, says report


  • Andrew Holt

    Usually anytime you hear the phrase “unsure if the service will be available in Canada”, you pretty much know that means it WON’T come to Canada.

  • Joel Greenwood

    I have a Samsung Gear Fit (1) and I hate the current “watch clasp”. It pops out (and off) all the time. I’m likely to pick this new one up (grudgingly). Besides the fact that the glass cracked on the Fit1, Microsoft hasn’t announced anything and probably won’t. Their MS-Band was far and away superior than the Samsung Gear Fit except for the whole rubber-band-breaks-making-it-turn-off-for-the-rest-of-the-day issue.

  • I wonder what the battery life on the Gear Fit 2 Pro will be as its not mentioned in the article.

  • I absolutely love my Gear Fit 2 (never had a clasp problem) and was even more worth it at the post-Christmas sale price of $129 this year. So, it’s a little soon for me personally to upgrade, but I will be looking to see what improvements they make. My Note 4 on the other hand is on life support, so Aug 23 is going to be all about the Note 8 for me!