The next iteration of Android will likely be named Android Oreo [Update]


  • Andrew Holt

    I kind of thought this was obviously going to be the name. What other candy/sweet comes to mind that starts with the letter O?

  • Leif Shantz

    Limited Edition Android shaped Oreo’s to eat would be like heaven to me!!!!

    • Omar

      Mint chocolate with mint cream.

    • Leif Shantz

      Ohh yeah especially the mint ones!!!!!

  • Koma

    Will be named after genetically modified garbage called Oreo.

  • Omar

    “What’s more of a spectacle than the cookies of an Oreo eclipsing its cream?”

    The wording of this sentence is just so… Lol.

  • My money’s on Orange Cake

  • MoYeung

    But oreo is a brand name… Copyright issue?

    • Josh Brown

      So was KitKat. They just need to make a deal.

    • Dimitri

      KitKat was named for a Android OS. So if they are able to get the green light to use that, Oreo won’t be a problem. Remember Google promotes them and they promote Google. So it works out.

  • Garrett Cooper

    All I care about is when Pixel users will get it, and if it’ll give us an always on display. I really miss it from my G5.