We want your questions for this week’s episode of the SyrupCast on new CRTC chair Ian Scott


  • Nick Bransford

    What will you do to stem the tide of rate increases relative to service decreases, and to push “the norm” toward realistic standards with respect to data plans? Advertising 500MB of data as anything of note in this day and age is laughable, and everybody knows it. I had a 6GB data plan 7 years ago that makes my current 5GB plan look like we’ve stepped into a time machine and ended up in an alternate reality where one step forward equals two steps back.

    Data is the present and the future of essential telecom service, and it’s about time it got treated as such.

    • John

      In addition to the above, at what point will Canada consider mobile an essential service and therefore no longer putting data caps on plans but reasonable prices on unlimited plans. How can CRTC foster actual competition?

      Is there any conflict of interested given Ian Scott’s lobbying history for Telus?

  • Ricky Bobby

    What do you think about the price collusion going on between Bell, Rogers, and Telus and why isn’t this happening in Quebec and Sasketchewan?

  • Leif Shantz

    Will you enforce MVNO’s during your term?
    A couple of months ago, the CRTC ruled that all phones should be unlocked, how do you think it would affect competition?