LG G4 boot loop issue now covered under extended warranty in Canada [Update]


  • SSB

    They fixed my phone twice so far for the boot loop issue

  • Goldfinch

    My friend brought me his LG G4 two weeks ago to fix the boot loop. I told him try to call LG first and I was surprised they accepted to do the repair for free. They repaired it and he received it two days ago, so far so good. My son on the other hand had his G4 soaked in the river last year for two hours before we could find it and it has been working no issues since then. really amazing 🙂

    • JasonRoti

      Who did you contact to get it fixed? Mine has been a brick for awhile

  • jpom18

    Who comes up with the 9 month idea? How does LG say that yes they sold you a device that was defective from the factory but they will only fix it if that defect affects it in the first 21 months?

    I have a G4 bought in July 2015 that started boot looping out of the blue at the end of May and of course I’m at 22/23 months so they won’t cover it. I’ve contacted them multiple times, argued with them, explained that I think it unreasonable to cut off coverage that soon for a factory defect, they should offer at least a full 2 years as that is what most hardware contracts are now, and if anything they should offer 3 years on just that defect so people aren’t forced into getting a new phone. I finally got someone on FB that asked me to send them my bill of sale and they would forward and see about an exception. That was 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything and they won’t reply any longer.

    When NVidia had the thermal grease issue with their laptops cards they extended warranty by a year or 2 i think it was, but just for that issue. If I send the phone back and they can tell without a doubt that the issue is not related to the the defect then fine I can accept that, but if the product is defective it needs to be covered up to a reasonable amount of time and 21 months for a $800 phone is not reasonable.

    I’ll be extremely hesitant to buy another LG product if this is how the do business when they screw up.

    • Stephen B Morris

      If I was to guess, either it was based from when they designated end of life status or maybe the carriers suggested that timeframe since that would leave you with three months left on that contract. So there would be only a small amount of money left on it if you chose to upgrade before the three months was up. But I don’t think too many people would wait that long without a proper phone so those people probably bit the bullet and had already moved on from LG. I totally agree with you that for something like this they shouldn’t place a timeframe. I’m worried about the Pixel XL 2 to be honest.

    • jpom18

      If that is the case what they fail to take into account is that I am on a corporate plan, we are on a 3 year hardware upgrade cycle.

      Funny enough I heard back from just a little while ago, they have denied my extension request. The reason is, and tell me if this makes sense, my device is too far past the 1 year date to qualify. So they extended the warranty to 21 months, my device was 22 months old at failure but I can’t get it repaired under the warranty because when applying for the extension they only look at how old the device is compared to the 12 month original warranty.

      Then they tell me that they are willing to repair it for $150, which “is well below the cost of parts and labor” like they are doing me a favor by charging me less then they could to repair their mistake.

      So now I am stuck deciding whether to buy a new phone outright at full cost or pay to have the G4 repaired. With all the reports of repaired G4’s experiencing the issue again I am hesitant to do that but to get a comparable device at full cost isn’t cheap. I asked LG what the warranty was on the repaired devices but no response yet, probably take another 2-3 weeks for that.

      All in all I have lost faith in LG, it obvious to me at this point that they won’t own up to their mistakes, or if they do it will be to an absolute minimum level and they don’t care a wit about their customers.

    • Stephen B Morris

      That makes ZERO sense to me! It is ridiculous at this stage of the game to pull that kind of crap KNOWING that the issue is their fault! Your escalation probably never went past the first level reps where common sense isn’t allowed to trump company policy. My two cents would be for you to repair the phone at $150 and flip it into a $400 sale. Then use that to help you buy ANYTHING but LG. Man, the Pixel XL 2 was my front runner for a new phone this year. Now I’m not sure anymore. “Life’s” certainly not “Good”!

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Sorry….Can’t flip a G4 into a $400 sale. Mint condition used ones sell for $200-250. G5’s are sub $400 also. So the upside to repair and flip might not be worth the hassle.

      Agreed they should take care of this well known defect. The arbitrary 21 month leaves many people out in the cold. Especially those that bought it near release date. Screw the early buyers? Makes zero sense.

      There’s a reason LG phones have poor resale values. Usually it’s the one update and done OS issue. In this case a hardware issue they know is their fault and are only sorta covering it. Nougat for the G4 might only show up once the next version of Android is out. Poor support if you ask me.

      I’ve got a G4 (which did bootloop and get repaired…but decent phone overall) and I’ll probably upgrade to a used G6 once they drop to $300 or lower….which isn’t that long from now.

    • MoYeung

      “Then they tell me that they are willing to repair it for $150”

      I think it is a good deal ($150 for parts and labor); unless you are prepared to buy a new phone at full cost.

    • jpom18

      A good deal maybe if the phone was broken due to my own fault. But how is it a good deal to pay LG to fix an issue that was there when thge device was manufactured. If I had run the phone over with my car and they offered to fix it for $150 I’d probably marry them but I didn’t do anything to cause the phone to fail.

    • MoYeung

      How the phone was broken is immaterial at this stage… Unless you want to sue LG for warranty issue.

    • jpom18

      So as an update they came back to me today and said that due to feedback like mine they have revised their policy and may now be able to offer me a no-cost repair. I sent them the serial number and now awaiting reply. No idea how they revised their policy or if the policy has actually changed, maybe they just got sick of my whining and decided to shut me up and give in. Either way if they do fix it for free I will be happy, although it would be nice to find a company that would simply own up to their mistakes and fix them without having to jump through all these hoops and fight tooth and nail.

    • Rob Fuller

      I got the same petty dance from them today. I’m desperate so probably will pay the $150 repair cost but it will be the LAST LG device I ever buy.

    • jpom18

      Sorry I meant to update this but got side tracked. I actually managed to get them to repair it. Now my device was only 1-2 months outside the extended warranty and I had to fight tooth and nail with them (had to throw 3 or 4 online fits at them) and YMMV but they ended up agreeing to repair it. I sent it back June 30th, they received in July 4th and I got it back today. Hopefully it will be good for a while now. I appreciate that they repaired it but I still think it ridiculous to have to go through these hoops to get a factory defect repaired at no cost.

    • Rob Fuller

      my saga with LG is getting even more unbelievable. Now their story is that LG has determined the manufacturing date range for which the problem occurs and that my phone was manufactured outside of that date range. The significance of the fact that my phone actually has the problem and, therefore, their assessment of the date range must be wrong seems lost of them.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Sorry to hear that, very stupid customer service on their part. I only buy LG phones used because they depreciate so quickly and can be had for cheap. By Xmas the G6’s should be $400 or lower used.

      There should be a class action lawsuit for those outside the 21 month window.

    • ChillWill31

      They are already selling on Ebay for around $350-$400 in like-new to new condition.

  • Mathieu

    What happens if I have on this phone in a contest here? How can I get fixed? Thanks in advance!

  • AZ

    This may just save me having to spend a lot of money. Glad something is finally being done.

  • Shaq Bourjolly

    It’s a bit too late LG..

  • Marc Palumbo

    I fell victim to this. The phone really sucks too.

  • Mark Hoffmeyer

    Just got mine fixed by LG Aug 17 2017. Only took a week to get it back. Same IMEI and serial number but they did wipe it clean. I bought mine 18 months ago here in Phoenix AZ USA. I had the Boot Loop issues all of a sudden. So I went to the LG website and did a repair request. They dont say it will or won’t be covered under warranty. You don’t really know the status until they look at it. Lucky for me mine was covered, but my phone was also in pristine condition so they had no reason to accuse me of neglect and bill me. Hope this helps. Cheers, Mark

  • Jeff Bowyer

    I just got off the phone with LG Support (Canada) . . . escalated to a supervisor. They will not do the warranty repair for free for me since the screen had been replaced at a local shop. They use this to justify not honoring the warranty, even though Canadian (and US) law doesn’t allow that. The online chat that they use to initiate the claim makes no mention of any caveats. It just says that “We will be happy to cover the repair”.
    I could go the $150 route but that’s about the same as buying out my old contract so I might as well get a totally new phone. It definitely won’t be an LG. Unfortunately my wife has a G4 as well . . .