Class action lawsuit launched over LG G4 and V10 bootloop defects

LG G4 bootloop lawsuit

Reports indicate that customers are launching a class action suit against LG for complications with the G4 and the V10.

According to the suit, which was launched in a California federal court, owners claim that a bootloop issue “renders the phones inoperable and unfit for any use.” 

Complaints about the G4 began cropping up on social media in January of 2016. While complaints about the V10 weren’t as robust, the device attracted its fair share of grievances as well.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that replacement G4 devices experienced the same issues with freezing and a bootloop defect. For those that are unfamiliar with these concerns, a bootloop defect refers to a device that can’t launch Android properly. Some users claim that the device would go black upon completing the process, and would then begin booting up all over again.

A year ago, LG acknowledged the complaints about the G4 and blamed “loose contact between components” for the complications. LG then began to issue replacement phones which exhibited similar defects to the originals.

The lawsuit recognizes this, and claims that LG continued to manufacture phones with a bootloop defect:

“Despite this admission, LG did not undertake a recall or offer an adequate remedy to consumers who purchased the LG G4 phone. LG instead replaced LG G4s that failed within the one-year warranty period with phones that had the same defect. And LG refused to provide any remedy to purchasers of LG G4s that failed outside the warranty period because of the bootloop defect.”

The V10 suit appears similar, with complainants claiming that the V10’s hardware closely resembles the G4, which eventually produced the same bootloop effect that was found in the G4.

The suit argues that due to pre-release testing of its devices, LG should have been reasonable aware of the complications with the LG G4 and the V10 prior to bringing it to market.

After several recognitions of the defect by both consumers and network providers, LG continued to manufacture the devices.

Source: United States District Court Central District of California Western Division