Nintendo is dropping neon pink-and-green Switch controllers


  • Abomb2015

    “Nintendo is dropping neon pink-and-green Switch controllers”… the article title implies they are discontinuing the controllers.

    • Claude

      thats how i read it.

    • _17chan

      Also maybe you won’t agree with this, but isn’t it odd that the site that focus on Canadian mobile media is reporting an item that wasn’t announced for North America at all? I’m sure it’s happened earlier but usually it’s for an item that eventually will see a Canadian release.

      With Nintendo, I wouldn’t be surprised if these never came to North America at all.

    • I’m pretty confident they will come to NA even if it’s at a later date. They’ve done Japan only releases before, but I can’t think of anything that’s had both Japan and EU releases and not NA.

      And either way the Switch hardware isn’t region locked so you can import these with no worries.

    • _17chan

      This is true, but I just find it more convenient to waltz over to the local shop and grab what I need instead of chasing online or paying scalpers prices. Again, though, you got a point there.

  • Sean-Paul

    Oooooooo I’d like these!!!

  • TheTechSmith

    80’s are back! Being a kid in the 80’s, I remember in the 90’s how embarrassed we were about the neon green and pink stuff we used to wear. And later in the 2020’s so will my kids.

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