Android O to reduce boot times and increase performance

Android O

While the Android portion of yesterday’s I/O keynote was relatively light on new feature announcements, Google did have one significant surprise for users of its mobile operating system.

During the keynote, the company’s Dave Burke announced that device boot times and app performance are significantly improved in Android O.

According to Google, smartphones and tablets running Android O will reboot twice as fast as compared to the same device on Android Nougat. Google didn’t specify how it achieved this feat. Realistically, most smartphone users, Android or otherwise, don’t reboot their phones too frequently, but given the fact that a reboot is required each time a user updates their phone, it’s still an easy improvement to appreciate.

Google also revealed that applications will function twice as fast on Android O. Once again, the company didn’t reveal how it achieved this feat, nor is it clear how the company measured the gains.

You can download the Android O beta now.