The OnePlus 5 may be a ‘wallet killer’


  • Jeff Thibert

    Please reduce the price of the 3T. Please reduce the price of the 3T.

  • Mhee123D

    When I hear the word “Wallet Killer” I would hope I get a better wallet and not have my Wallet implode by this annoucement. Sounds more like a “Wallet Annihilator” to me. Thanks for the article!

  • Mo Dabbas

    at that price point people would be better off buying the next pixel

    • Mo Dabbas

      great comment facebook logged me.

      P.S: why does mobile syrup log me automatically with my facebook account? I never logged in with my facebook account here?

    • It’s Me

      Just mobile syrup or all disqus sites? Facebook and google are both pushing to be and track your identity across the web, so maybe it’s just a glitch with their uber-SSO-cookies. I’ll guess you joined one of their raffle-copter contests, which are designed to associate/track all of the separate logins you use for the entry.

  • TouchMyBox

    Well I guess I won’t be buying oneplus phones anymore if that’s the case. It’s really hard to imagine that a phone can justify a $900 price tag especially when they are so stagnant that the mid-range phones have caught up to expensive flagships a lot. We’ve had all the pixels and cpu cores and ram we need for years now. I don’t want to be a luddite, but maybe if I saw any application that actually utilized all of the horsepower going into these phones I’d become a believer.

  • SuperFist

    At $650 it BETTER be QuadHD or else they have a flop on their hands!

    • Canadiana Jones

      A flop on their hands may be the immediate death of OnePlus, who doesn’t have “side-jobs” like Samsung does.

  • Victor Creed

    RIP OnePlus

  • It’s Me

    Had to happen eventually. Companies need to make sustainable profits to remain viable. Guess they decided they have to stop subsidizing their customers.

  • Roger

    No, thanks.

  • Jon Snow

    Kinda like what Google did with the Nexus. They lured you in with a cheaper phone, then hit your wallet hard when you buy from them again.

  • heynow00

    They would be stupid not to based on the parts v.s. the current market value

  • Bob Loblaw

    and the death of the high spec, midbudget phone begins. Paying > $500 for a smartphone is absurd.

  • Garrett Cooper

    They’re increasing their price because the competition is more expensive. But the competition has something going for them, subsidies from customers signing contracts. One+ doesn’t have that, and shelling out $900 cash for a phone is a lot different than shelling out $249 + 2 yrs of service for a $1k phone.

    Can’t see this phone being very successful.

  • Art Vandelay

    A price increase is a given, and that’s reasonable, taking into consideration the rumored hardware. My guess is it starts at $499 USD. Hefty, for certain, but the subsidized approach usually means locking yourself into a terrible contract that costs more in the long run, anyway.

    Starting at $600+ would likely be a disaster for the company, and I think they understand that.

  • Omar

    It was obvious the 5 would cost more than the 3T, which cost more than the 3, which cost more than the 2, which cost more than the 1. That said, $885 for a phone from a company that’s known to abandon their devices once they release a new one isn’t very appealing.

  • Omar

    I still don’t think OnePlus has been able to replicate the One in terms of quality vs price. Everything about that phone was different and unique, but the company has been slowly conforming to the industry. I get it though, they need to make a profit.

  • NightHawk29

    Well that puts the nail in there coffin (IMO) and seals the deal for me… hello Galaxy Note 8 (when it launches).

    I was considering the OnePlus 5 but at that price tag I’d rather spend a little bit more for a proper flagship phone.

    $885 CAD before taxes for this is just out of the question! Couple hundred more and I’ll have the Note 8 (I have a Note 4 and love the s-pen and thought maybe the OnePlus 5 would be priced better to actually lure me away from Samsung but if this is accurate then it appears it won’t come close to having me consider it).

    OnePlus better rethink this pricing strategy. I understand gradual increases yearly but this is a huge price increase and this was why I was about to buy a Google Pixel XL last year up until Google released the pricing. Google went full r****d and now it seems OnePlus is following suit.

    R. I. P. OnePlus

  • Arman

    Pretty much no one in Canada would buy it for that price. I think they are smarter than that, at least i hope they are!