Uber to provide U.S. passengers with real-time transit information

ride-sharing transit partnership

Want to know when the next bus or streetcar comes? Maybe you should check Uber — assuming you’re in America, that is.

Uber’s announced a partnership with the Transit App in almost 50 American cities — including Boston, New York, and Houston — that provides Uber passengers with real-time transit information within one block of their destination.

“Our integration with Uber is a perfect match, as we both envision a future in which every journey is shared using a combination of transit options,” said Jake Sion, COO of the Transit App, in a media release.

Uber will display information like transit times, as well as “a-to-b” directions, and service disruptions.

For now, this partnership is only available in the U.S., however, a spokesman from Uber told MobileSyrup that the company does have plans to bring a similar service to Canada.

“While we won’t be able to share any firm timing for expansion, we do hope to expand to Canada in the future,” said an Uber spokesperson via email.

Source: Uber