JoeyCo delivery service now available in Toronto and Mississauga

JoeyCo iPhone app

JoeyCo, an online-based delivery service, is now available for Toronto and Mississauga. The platform also provides e-commerce and delivery with real-time tracking information from various restaurants, retail stores and more. The service is available through the JoeyCo website and as an iOS app.

Specifically, JoeyCo notes an example of a user who is hungry and sick with a runny nose. Using the service, a “Custom Run” order can be made for tissues, a beverage and chicken soup to all be delivered together to one’s home. JoeyCo also has a partnership with Walmart Canada for next-day delivery of groceries.

“JoeyCo is more than delivery and shopping; it’s an opportunity to gain more time with loved ones, saving you time to do what is most important,” said Inaam Shah, CEO of JoeyCo, in a press release. “With almost instant delivery, everything your city has to offer is right at your doorstep giving you more hours in the day.”

Note: the app is also available for download on the Google Play Store, but is listed as being “unreleased” and therefore is said to possibly be “unstable.”

Source: Newswire