Here are all the changes to Canadian carrier rate plans this week


  • Dimitri

    I got a $150 trade in bonus for getting the S8+. Gave in my girlfrienda Z30 she didn’t want or need and got $150. It was supposed to be $100 as per the site but a email was sent to the stores that they can offer $150 instead.

    • RidgeBoyGenius

      Most probably used or supplemented with a back pocket offer, they are authorized to give up to 150 per line. Not usually on new devices though, so you got a good deal most likely

    • Dimitri

      Well the original was $100 as per the promotion Rogers has in store for trade ins ( it’s on their website under promotions).

      Then on April 17th during the evening, they got a notification with a image showing the S8 and S8 Plus saying ” Upgrade to S8 or S8 Plus and get a $150 trade in bonus offer.” All the girl did was scan the Z30 and the system showed it as $150 as per the promotion. Just like any other promotion for trade in, Rogers has this one for the S8 and S8 Plus but only in store.

      Either way paying $190 with taxes at the store for the S8+ is great!.

    • RidgeBoyGenius

      Ah, I see, then I’m definitely wrong! That’s awesome!

    • Roger

      I got an offer for a free G6 with Bell on a $60 corporate plan. But my Note 4 is not on their list of eligible devices even though it’s newer than the S4 and S5 which are on the list. The store manager was willing to give me another $100 off on top of the $95 trade-in value. That would have made the G6 cost $205.

  • Matthew Thiessen

    Telus is also offering a 200$ trade in for the iPhone 6s/6s Plus & iPhone 7/7 Plus as long as there’s value in the phone.

    • SarfTheMagnifico

      Not quite. The device has to be any iPhone that’s the 5s or newer, LG G4 or newer LG, Samsung S5 or newer Samsung, Note 4 or newer, HTC M9 or newer. Source: am Telus Employee

    • Matthew Thiessen

      You’re right sir, I apologize for my misinformation. I’m also a Telus employee and after further looking at the bulletin I’ve realized you are correct.

  • Brandon Arneson

    I’m on the LTE ready Everywhere 59 plan from freedom mobile And I’m gonna be upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy A5 so I can enjoy their new LTE network when It launches in Edmonton Alberta and the 5 surrounding cities with home coverage. I’ll also enjoy LTE roaming off the big 3 carriers when it launches and wifi calling and texting when it launches. I love having unlimited data with 11gb of High speed data in the home zones which I pay $10 extra to get and 1gb of high speed data when roaming before speeds get throttled with unlimited use afterwards with no charges

  • RidgeBoyGenius

    I’m impressed. I left a comment a month or so ago about an article you guys did regarding a Rogers promotion that was almost expired.

    In my comment, I said that while I think you should definitely write articles about carrier promos, there was no use doing it when the promo was almost over.

    Now this. Dont know if it had to do with my comment, but all the same, good job guys. This is a healthy addition to the site, a well-needed service for those that don’t go deal hunting on their own.

  • XY

    I wonder what they mean by tab payment option for Fido? Is it just the new slider bar that shows you the plan price as you slide the bar?

  • Canadiana Jones

    Would be nice if you also covered small business sometimes. I’m debating between switching my grandfathered 6Gb+voice with one extra voice only line to either Share Everything or Small Businesss on Rogers.

  • slavitch

    Public Mobile’s $38 a month promo with unlimited provincial talk, 4G data and unlimited global text looks pretty good now. My four-phone mobile bill is less than half of what it was with Bell. My daughter maxes out both her data and has to supplement for US voice but them’s the breaks for data and voice add-ons are cheap.