The Samsung Galaxy S6’s Nougat update has been removed from Telus’ software update list


  • RagnarokNCC

    Bummer. My fiancée could care less, but I was eager to see what Nougat could do for her S6.

    • EddieWinslow

      I am actually in the exact same boat. Hoping the s6 would fix battery woes for my fiances phone as well.

  • Jonah Emery

    Awesome you got clarification from Telus!

  • DC

    I’m not holding much hope for battery improvements for the S6 in Nougat. I wonder what the extra charging cycles the S6 has required has done to overall battery capacity. Anyways, I’m at the end of my contract and surprise, battery life will be at the top of my needs list for my next phone.

  • Ogre

    Man I really don’t like telus at times.

  • Tonight I downloaded (OTA) and successfully​ installed Nougat 7.0 on my wife’s Galaxy Note 5. Interestingly​, it came with a March 1 security patch vs February 1 on my S7 Edge. Both on TELUS.

  • Monica Robinson

    Nougat update did nothing for galaxy s7 edge, couldn’t even tell any difference

    • h2oflyer

      Don’t know about the edge, but Nougat made a big difference for the S7.

      Are you sure you got the update? Most either loved or hated the update.

    • Monica Robinson

      Yep it says 7 now. I was very disappointed after ALL the hype I was expecting all these cool noticeable changes burn only changes I really noticed are in the layout of setting which I don’t like. It’s all good though because I have iPhone 7s and was going back and forth and no longer go back Abbas am just sticking with iPhone. My husband didn’t notice anything different either though with his upgrade other then the settings layout.

  • grouchysmurf

    Either the update caused problems or they just decided that S6 owners would be more profitable if they upgraded phones…

    • abn

      More the latter I bet….

  • Jonah Emery

    The only North American carrier to roll out Nougat for G6 series is Sprint. Don’t think it’s just a Telus thing.

  • abn

    Received update for s6 edge+ from Sprint, battery power and phones overall performance is a lot better.

  • Bruz Co

    Noticed lag, in internet connection. Anyone having this issue?

  • gman72

    I got my update from Telus last night. I have an S6 edge+.

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  • Tamal Hossain

    Check your phones guys, I just got the update from Telus on my S6 Edge.

  • Kevin

    Telus is doing a complete crap job keeping the Software update schedule up to date.
    S6 Edge and S6 Edge + wasn’t even on the list and received Android N. If they aren’t going to keep it up to date and make it a guessing game by not updating, or teasing by adding phones such as the S6 and then removing it. Then just drop the page all together, all they are doing is angering customers.


    RUN, RUN, RUN…
    Wish I could Undo the Update, but sadly when these Updates are Forced upon us, we’re Not given the option to Undo the Updates after they RUIN our phones!!
    This latest update, as of July 2017, has way too many steps now! Extra steps to make a Phone Call or to look at Contacts!
    Plus, the frustrating problems now with Text Messaging that I/we didn’t have prior to these latest updates. Forgetting my style of texting and taking it upon itself to insert and add words I’d never consider using.
    And the Changes in all the Icons, making them so faint and the changes in the Layout when I go to Settings!
    These latest updates are so bloody Time consuming now with all of the Extra Steps!!
    But, no matter how many complaints are posted in the forums, do you really think Android and/or Samsung or Our Phone Carriers are gunna listen to any of us? Nope! They rarely ever do…
    They Didn’t Listen when the Nougat Update first messed up all of our phones, and it’s obvious they didn’t listen with this newest update that’s supposedly to fix their Original Nougat Update!
    With every update, they Continue to Mess Up our phones even more and we’re never given an option to Undo or Fix it except via their Generic Response, telling us to do A Factory Reset!
    We shouldn’t have to go thru the HASSLE of backing up everything on our phones to do a Factory Reset, only to have to Start Over from scratch as if we just got a new phone. Sooo much Time and Hassle!
    Thank goodness I’m due for a Phone Upgrade, bcuz like my kids and the rest of my family, I’m definitely SWITCHING to iPhone and possibly a New Carrier, bcuz I’m sooo fed up with my almost 20 years of being a faithful good standing customer with Telus, who in all these years, has NEVER Shown me any Appreciation!!
    Not only does Telus have pathetic coverage and connection problems, they always drops calls right in the middle of the city of Kelowna or driving on the hi-ways between Kelowna and Westbank or between Kelowna and Vernon. Telus’s technology is absolutely ridiculous!!
    I’m just sorry it took me this long to finally cut the umbilical cord that kept us joined… Ughhh, such a Disappointment ????☹️