Google’s campus expansion plans reveal a space age new look


  • Ipse

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with outdoing Apple in terms of design.
    How about outdoing them when it comes to software and security updates?

    • thereasoner

      Google does that already with a more capable Mobile OS and monthly security patches. Even zero day security updates are possible if required.

      I’m thinking that it has more to do with continuing to be ahead of Apple in terms of a desirable workplace. A recent survey has Google at #1, Apple? Didn’t even make the top 100.

    • RichieRich

      Google is a data-mining company. They don’t need to support their phones. Just look at the Nexus 6P disaster or all the issues the Pixel’s are having. Head over to the Pixel subreddit. People’s XL’s are now randomly bricking.

  • ciderrules

    I expect to walk inside and see Cirque du Soleil.

    BTW, this is not a fancy new design. It’s a scaled back design compared to what they were originally planning (which was cut because it’s too expensive/extravagant).