Rogers provides workaround for using PPTP VPNs over LTE [Update]


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  • fruvous

    This is due to Rogers use of NAT on their network. Business users pay more for a static IP. Plebs get to share.

  • Bill___A

    No one should be using PPTP for VPN, and the carriers shouldn’t have to support or permit it……

    • Ipse

      Huh? Who is Rogers to determine what I can and cannot use? What is next? Http? Not secure either…
      The point is that customer traffic has to be carried transparently. I can understand Rogers being inept and screwing up NAT, but I’d be pi$$ed if this is done intentionally.
      Good thing I’m not with them.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Stop giving security excuses for traffic snooping. Charging an arm and a leg for data, that now Rogers wants to dictate how it gets used.