Microsoft takes kids on virtual field trip to Toronto Zoo to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday

Canada is about to turn 150, and to celebrate, Microsoft is taking Canadian students to the zoo.

In a new program launched by Microsoft to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Microsoft will bring K-12 Canadian students to the Toronto Zoo through Skype.

“The Toronto Zoo is proud to partner with Microsoft on the launch of the new Explore. Teach. Build. education program that will benefit thousands of students across Canada,” says John Tracogna, CEO of the Toronto Zoo, in a statement.

“From over 4,000 km away, students connected one-on-one with the Zoo’s Curator of Fishes to learn about the importance of our Great Lakes and what they can do in their communities to face the challenges in the coming decades,” continued Tracogna.

As part of the Explore. Teach Build. education program, teachers can take students to destinations around Canada. To kick off the program, students from Port Alberni, B.C. were invited to visit the Toronto Zoo from the comfort of their own homes. 

In addition, students will have the chance to interact with tour guides and educators at heritage sites. Furthermore, teachers are easily able to leverage their “field trips” into their curriculum.

Our class studied salmon last year, and this year we are making connections about fishing and salmon to our Social Studies unit on the West Coast First Nations People,” says Kristine Clark, grade 3 and 4 teacher with Wood Elementary School, in a statement. 

“We figured out the perfect link among programs — using what we learn from class, to create a Minecraft First Nations village that centres on seaside living and fishing. The students are beyond excited about all of it,” said Clark.