Retro-bit is bringing the Game Boy back from the dead


  • simphf

    The only true GameBoy is the original grey.

    • Jason van de Laar

      Makes for an awesome chiptune instrument also!

  • Jerry Maxwell

    How is this legal?

    • Jason van de Laar

      this might answer your question:

      http://www.gamasutra dot com/view/feature/130867/nintendo_entertainment_system__.php

    • hardy83

      Hardware patents expired, and emulation hardware itself isn’t really illegal.

      The ROMs however…. And this uses original Gameboy carts, so it’s not so much encouraging piracy, but more encouraging people buying old games.

      Of course there’s cards that let you store ROMs but that’s not the companies responsibility.

    • MoYeung

      A gray-market NES clone

  • KBoland

    “when it launched in North America in August 2017”


    • It’s obviously a typo….

    • KBoland

      Nothing like proofreading before hitting submit, eh Patrick?

  • Jason van de Laar

    Hopefully the brightness can be adjusted like on some other GameBoy models to increase battery life to over 10 hours.

  • I agree. They could have put the shoulder buttons on the back or even on the sides to keep the look as close as possible

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