Nintendo is bringing the New 3DS to Canada for $139 on Black Friday

In a deal that’s so good it seems a little too good to be true, Nintendo is bringing the New Nintendo 3DS to Canada for $139 CAD. A bundled version of the handheld that included a copy of Super Mario 3D Land has been available in the past in very limited quantities at retailers like Best Buy.

The New Nintendo 3DS, which features Mushroom Kingdom characters and imagery, is set to be available on November 25th. This deal follows the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the next entry in Nintendo’s popular Pocket Monster catching franchise.

While Nintendo’s New 3DS has been a generally well-received portable, few games have yet to take advantage of the handheld’s additional c-stick and more powerful internal hardware — with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D being the most notable exclusive.

It’s unclear what retailers will opt into the deal, but given the New 3DS’ suggested MSRP is $139, it’s likely that all Canadian stores will begin selling the device at its new, lower price. This is the first time the New 3DS is coming to Canada with the handheld previously only being available in Europe and Japan.

The Switch, Nintendo’s next console, which is set to be a home console-portable hybrid, was revealed just a few weeks ago, though little is known about the system so far.

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