Free T-Connect Wi-Fi comes to four new subway stations in Toronto


  • letsGetItRight

    Welcome to the stone age Toronto. Your subways are unreliable, over heated and Wi-Fi? Seriously? The rest of the developed world had seamless mobile service underground for decades. How stupid can your transit authority be? What if there’s an emergency underground? How will you call 911? Using Wi-Fi at 4 stations? LOLZ. Canadians are nice people but so clueless riding the North Korean subways lol.

    • Tim

      hearing people on the bus and streetcar yapping and swearing on their phones, it’s nice getting onto the subway knowing that there’s no cell service from Rogers, Bell or Telus

    • ConcertMaster

      Providing Wi-Fi service isn’t the same thing as providing full-blown cell service underground. I agree that providing this in some stations where you stand for at the most 5 minutes is pointless and certainly a product of the “stone age” If you could use the Internet while on a train then we’d have something to celebrate.

    • letsGetItRight

      And that’s provided you actually travel thru those stations and if you’re lucky enough to get connected, sign on, send received messages before your train pulls out of coverage again. Worst yet, it gives hackers opportunities to hijack your devices.


      Wi-Fi calling bro.

    • Sean-Paul

      You speak like you could do a better job. Or are you just a internet CEO?

    • letsGetItRight

      Get out of the country much? I guess not. I’m just saying your TTC is short changing you guys in Toronto. If the TTC wants to grow ridership and get people out of their cars, they better get mobile service full coverage underground too! Full coverage doesn’t mean people yap on the phone. In Japan they’ve been texting for decades in the train. People who talk on their phones in a crowded train is frowned upon. Then again, sometimes you can’t get the farm outta the….

    • Roger

      I agree. The availability of Wi-Fi only within stations is not good enough, but it’s better than nothing. At least you can communicate with your spouse if you’re stuck and on hold at a station (not in between stations) because of issues in a few trains in front.

      With full cell service, there’s always going to be people talking loudly on the phone regardless of what people around think. I just block them out with with my headphones.

    • letsGetItRight

      That’s why for decades now the Japanese had been texting. It’s proper etiquette in a crowd of commuters