SyrupCast 81: Galaxy Note 7 and the Hub+ life

On this episode of the SyrupCast we talk about the new Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung. In addition, we speak about how BlackBerry is offering its Hub technology to Android 6.0 users, which could be the company setting itself up for a life beyond hardware.

We also venture into a discussion about the recent $1.3 billion suit against the Canadian Government by former Wind Mobile owner. Oh and we briefly talk eye styes.

Hosts: Patrick O’Rourke, Rose Behar, Igor Bonifacic, Ian Hardy

Duration: 46:03

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  • Maestro Karajan

    Love how you guys describe Blackberry. Couldn’t agree more. Its a company with one foot in the grave

  • danakin

    An echoey start as the foursome (Patrick, Rose, Ian, and
    Igor) dive into a recap of the Note 7.

    Unsurprisingly the immediate focus, pun intended, is on
    the iris scanner. Overall a very satisfying discussion where everyone on the
    round-table got to participate and provide relevant commentary. A welcome
    change from the standout deficiency that’s plagued many a segment of the
    SyrupCast. In particular, the comment of Google adopting the feature and
    labeling it Nexus Eye made for a fine chuckle. It will be interesting to read
    MobileSyrup’s review of the device as Rose’s take on the efficacy of the iris
    scanner contrasted what many other tech reviewers have opined.

    The Note 7 segment hit all the right notes and provided a
    clear 360 degree overview of the landmark Android handset of 2016. Nice job by all of incorporation Samsung’s vertical integration advantage and willingness to incorporate “gimmicks” into their devices. This segment should stand as the template for this podcast’s format.

    Next up was Wind and their recent court filings. The quartet provided a solid recap of the relevant particulars and gave listeners food for thought on how the Canadian mobile landscape could be reshaped by increasing foreign operators. These topics don’t have the sexiness of a device review and making them interesting is a tall task.

    The current state of BlackBerry was next up for discussion. The quote of the podcast came when it was said this “feels like another step in the self-implosion of BlackBerry”. Here, as in the previous segment, it’s not a sexy topic. There isn’t a lot to be said that’s material to the current mobile landscape. I reckon that, as a Canadian media/new entity, MobileSyrup feels compelled to report on a once Canadian tech giant that still resonates to a demographic that got into smartphones a decade and a half ago. That’s all well and good and the group did as well as anyone could ask given the circumstances.

    The Xbox (quick) review was informative but felt like a
    bit of a throw-in. Perhaps as it and the Sony offering that’s coming become
    more of a “thing” they’ll get more proper attention.

    This week’s show gets a 8.4 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. Solid outing by all.