Nintendo discounts 2DS in Canada to $109.99

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo has announced it will reduce the price of the 2DS in Canada later this week, just in time to take advantage of Pokémania 2.0.

Starting on Friday, July 15th, the 2DS, the company’s entry-level portable console, will cost $109.99, down from $129.99 it currently retails for in stores across the country.

Unlike the more expensive versions of the company’s portable lineup, which include the Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS, the 2DS features a slate form factor – as opposed to the clamshell design of its siblings – and does not feature the lineup’s signature autostereoscopic 3D display.

That said, it can still play the entire lineup of currently available 3DS titles, including Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the most recent mainline entries in the Pokémon franchise, as well as the excellent Fire Emblem Awakening. The console will also be able to play the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon; in other words, it’s the perfect gift for a young child recently bit by the Pokémon bug.

For those with a bit more disposable income on hand, the New Nintendo 3Ds XL (the nomenclature the company uses for its lineup of devices is unwieldy, I know) is the better bet.

Priced at $239.99 in Canada, it features better build quality, a faster processor and a second analog stick in the form of a so-called C-Stick nub.

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