Japanese gaming giant Capcom creates new smartphone studio Capcom Mobile


The list of big name publishers jumping into the world of mobile gaming continues to grow.

Capcom, the Japanese game developer and publisher responsible for notable franchises like Resident Evil, Mega Man and Street Fighter, has revealed plans to streamline its mobile game development studios, combining them under one banner called Capcom Mobile.

More specifically, Capcom says it plans to merge its own internal mobile development division with subsidiary Beeline Interactive. Capcom Mobile plans to release four major mobile games before the end of its next fiscal year on March 31, 2017.

While it’s still unclear, considering Capcom says it has plans to make “aggressive” use of its most famous games. The titles in this list likely include entries in the Monster Hunter, Mega Man and Japan-only Sengoku Basara franchise.

Capcom certainly isn’t alone in its mobile gaming efforts. Just last week Nintendo released Miitomo, the company’s first mobile title. Square Enix also opened a dedicated mobile studio in Montreal that’s release critically and financially successful mobile titles like Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go.

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