Telus LG G3 will get Marshmallow on March 29, Note 5 update pushed back to March 25


  • darkman

    I am thinking I might never see marshmallow on my Fido S6, there is nothing not even an expected date.

    • matus201

      Just flash the Telus firmware and change the CSC code to Fido. All Canadian firmwares are exactly the same, the device customizes itself based on said CSC code.

    • jay

      Should of read your comment. We talk the same language

    • darkman

      Thanks, something I will look at if by the end of March they don’t have a schedule.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Ian, I noticed that the Moto E is now on the list for the first time. Although the model is not specifically mentioned it must be the Moto E 2nd gen (XT1527) that came out in 2015. This is great news for all Moto E 2nd gen owners, originally Motorola was not going to update this phone to Marshmallow but public outcry changed their mind. Just a FYI.

  • neodoru

    Telus is never punctual. Sick and tired of their delays, it was supposed to be March 9, then 13, then 16 and now 25. Make no mistake, it will be pushed even more, 25 is a statutory holiday.

    • Kristen

      Right there with you. I’m going crazy waiting for the Note 5 update.

    • Logan

      I hear you i’ve been waiting for this G3 update for ages… If it doesn’t happen I will root and install marshmallow!

  • OttoVonBismarck

    Haha hilarious watching people squirm over a software update Get a life

    • Kristen

      If that’s what you enjoy in life, maybe you should take your own advice lol

  • Mo Dabbas

    Samsung is doing a great job with the updates this year.

    I wonder about S5 or Note 4 owners. They must be so happy with their new OS updates.

    • Mr Barkers

      It’s not Samsung, it’s the carriers that take their sweet time.

  • Leif Shantz

    Fingers crossed for the G3 Marshmallow update, if LG comes up with BS to not update, then this G3 will be the last LG phone I will buy, already looking at Huawei phones…..

    • Bryce Smallwood

      LG Canada is horrible for updates, in other regions the G2 got Lollipop but not in Canada.

    • Varga Levente

      I really hope that the G3 will get the MM. I have a D852, but i live in Hungary… Before this phone i had a G2 international, that got the LP in last year spring…

  • Freddy Hajoong Jeong

    lol google has released android N preview for developers and yet still running on lollipop…

  • Brad Fortin


  • Brett Arnold Allard

    Another reason why I’m glad I upgrade once or twice a year.

  • Peter

    I don’t know what the G3 experience is like on Telus but my Fido G3 is often laggy especially when accessing the control panel to adjust WiFi settings. Sometimes I have to wait close to 10 seconds for a response. Similarly switching apps can be rather slow. One of the reasons why I was eagerly awaiting the Marshmallow update. Finally got fed up and installed CM13 instead.

  • Dave V

    US company Verizon should come to Canada to teach Canadian carrier lesson. Enough with monopolies!!

  • Gumbopudding

    Heard they had to delay the note 5 update because some early adopters were installing it backwards and it locked up their phone.

    • Comrade Yeti

      I lol’d! Good one!

  • jay

    The biggest problem is that almost nobody has a change to buy a phone unlocked in Canada. Like the iphone. Thats the biggest problem.

  • Denis

    Any chance that Koodo will update the G3 on the same date as well?

  • Habs Killa

    Update rolling out to Moto X Play

  • Brad Forbes

    Bell Just released Android M for the G3

  • JaySea

    updating D852 on Fido 😉

  • Mehdi Abassi

    no update for the G3