Lumia 950 and 950 XL offer for Office 365 comes to Canada


  • Fogman

    It’s simple, have Google support (which will never happen) and have retail locations across Canada!!!

    • simphf

      That would require Google to stop being butthurt and spend 0.00000000000000000000001% of their quarterly revenue on building apps. For some reason they don’t want customers.

    • Fuchur84

      And you need Google Apps because of what? YouTube ist the only one that may be helpful… Gmail isn’t needed (Outlook is available and of course you can still use your gmail-account with that too). G+ is not very wide spread anyway, Google Maps can easily be replaced by Here or even Windows Maps (which are astonishing good if you ask me…), Google Drive is fully replaceable by Skydrive/OneDrive, Google Now is not as good as Cortana, if you ask me, the search-engine can still be used with the browser or if you want use Bing (you don’t have to of course), Chrome is not really necessary because Edge is not at all bad and Mozilla is planning to create a Universal-App anyway (so Edge or in future Firefox should be a very good option… Opera Mini and a few others are already available)…

      I am not sure why people really need Google Apps… please let me know what you miss… it really would not be a big step to use MS Apps and services instead…

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    I think there’s a typo. In the second paragraph it says one free month and in the third it says 1 year. Which is it?

    • Ryan

      Probably year, one month isn’t that enticing

    • Fuchur84

      You are right… it is one year.

  • jellmoo

    Man, I really wanted to like the new Lumias, but Microsoft really did a number on them. They priced them too high to really compete, the builds on the devices just don’t compete with other flagships, and they launched with a buggy and unfinished platform. A year of Office 365 just doesn’t cut it as an incentive.

    • John Marshall

      Agreed. The flagship Windows handsets need to be just that especially for that high price.

    • Fuchur84

      You may want to have a look at the Win 10 mobile-phone offered by HP, Acer or HTC. I am a 950XL owner and very happy with it, but if aluminum is really what you need to be happy, these may be more of your choice… (I think, there are too many bad things about aluminum like being to hard… yes you read right… it means that for any kind of crash your phone may have, the whole force is given to the interiour… just think of a car without a crumple zone… people would die much sooner when driving against a wall with that… and for me, that cold feeling, especially on cold days, of metall is not a nice one… glass is quite the same with the finger print factor added… polycarbonate is better in these aspects… add a removeable battery and dual sim + SD card-slot to it… for me that was a no brainer.

    • John Marshall

      Ty. I will do that.

    • Martini

      This was a device I was most looking forward to, but come September I wasn’t convinced that Windows Phone 10 would be any improvement over 8. Things looked good in 2014 when where were official apps…but nearly two years later so much of that support is gone. I love the UI and am willing to give Windows Phone another go, but it’ll be a hard sell.

    • MassDeduction

      I’ve been extraordinarily happy with my Lumia 950 XL. The latest build of the OS solves almost every bug complaint. It’s finally ready for prime time, IMO. Fair enough about the app situation, but even when I had an iPhone I typically did my banking, etc., in the web browser rather than through apps, and Microsoft Edge is one of the best mobile browsers out there in my experience. So the app situation is pretty irrelevant to me.

    • Ratawn

      I agree. I have had my 950XL for about a couple months now and I’m very happy with it. The few issues I’ve had with it is System eating a lot of data. and the phone not being able to replay qHD/60fps video. It tends to be a bit choppy although the audio is just fine.