Videotron drops the first-gen Moto 360 price to $129


  • jay

    Pretty good deal. I bought one last year for 150$ and never regret it. I have booth Apple Watch and moto 360. Android is way better due to Google now. Just way smarter. Reminds me when I have to leave to an appointment or tells me when the traffic slows down on my way home. Battery life is on booth not bad but apple is a bit better.

    Moto 360 for that price is a must buy

  • Elky64

    During the boxing week sales Telus had a similar deal ($120) which I ordered but they couldn’t fulfill, thankfully they honored the deal and gave all those who ordered the 2nd gen for same price, was the 42mm version, finding it a tad too small but considering the price we’ve learned to deal with it LOL.

  • Justin Brooks

    Heads up to everyone I just got one from best buy and they price matched with an additional 10% off! Good deal if you can’t get to videotron!

    • Dylan Kuehl

      My girlfriend just got me one for my anniversary from Best Buy last week, doubt they’d price match it from Videotron when I’m in Ontario, though. It’s a great watch

    • Justin Brooks

      I am from Toronto. They did it for me.

  • robinottawa

    Are these new or refurbs?

  • robinottawa

    Bestbuy’s website says $199 today (14th).

  • Garrett Cooper

    Any options for Albertans? I didn’t buy a smart watch because I had a watch, but my Fossil has since bit the dust so I think I might give these a go.