Additional Lumia 650 specs leak online in retail listing


  • St. Misery

    If this were to come out at $400 in Canada it would fall flat on its face. It’s way too similar to the 550 to be asking double the money.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Agree. This should be in the 200-300 range.

    • MassDeduction

      Consider that the UK price includes their 20% sales tax (as sales taxes are included in the advertised prices in the UK, and in most countries other than Canada and the U.S.). Removing that and doing a straight currency exchange brings it down to approx. $336. The current cost of the Lumia 640 XL is $339.99 in the Microsoft Store. So I expect it to be $299.99-$339.99 based on that info. So *possibly* within your range. 🙂

    • Jeff Brassard

      Falling flat on its face… that sounds just like Microsoft’s strategy in general when it come to phone. $400 it is!

      Remember the midrange Lumia 830 was $550 unlocked… i.e. crazy town.

    • Elky64

      Yep, BB and MS are becoming one of the same as far as mobile is concerned, I use to own the former but after their antics I moved on to the latter which has also proven fruitless, has become embarrassing to admit I’m part and parcel of the WM ecosystem but thankfully my LG G4 is helping to sooth the pain of the past ;)… IMO even $200 would be considered a tad high for such a mediocre device.

    • MassDeduction

      Keep in mind that the Lumia 640 was offered in the U.S. initially for about $90 USD (and often on sale as low as $30) on prepaid carriers. But that’s for a single-SIM, carrier locked version. A given Lumia might be available in 6-8 variants, and this would probably be the highest-end (factory unlocked, LTE, dual-SIM). So this almost certainly will be sold for $200 or less for some versions of it.

    • MassDeduction

      The Lumia 830 was overpriced because of carrier partners (this device was carried by all of the big 3) who wanted to advertise it at a high regular price so that they could brag about how much they were discounting it on contract.

      Despite being a vastly better phone, and the Canadian dollar dropping a tonne, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL were $750 and $850 respectively. So I think being freed up from carrier commitments is a good thing for Lumia pricing, as the 950 and 950 XL were closer to similarly-specced Android and iOS devices than the 830 was.

      All eyes now turn to the Surface Phone (which hasn’t been officially announced, but Microsoft has registered surfacephone . com so it looks like it is going to be a thing). Instead of being done by the former Nokia devices group, this one is being created by the Surface team and they have industry-leading industrial design and R&D (look at how broadly their innovations and designs are being imitated now). They’ve said they won’t release it until it’s a market disrupting product, in the way that the first Palm Pilot, the first BlackBerry, the first iPhone, and Android were. It’ll be interesting to see what that ends up meaning. I expect it’ll be building on Continuum, including the ability to run Win32 apps. It could be other things such as flip covers that include a second screen on the inside of the cover, alá Microsoft’s many “Courier”-related patents.

      Sadly, these Lumias are effectively throwaways that simply keep Windows on phones a thing until the Surface Phone is ready. I love my Lumia 950 XL, but I have no illusions that the forthcoming Surface Phone won’t be way better and the true direction that Windows is going to take on phones going forward.

    • Bring back Project Pink aka erm. um . Microosft Kin. I want a Kin!

    • MassDeduction

      The Lumia 640 is available in a multitude of configurations (3G single SIM, 3G dual-SIM, LTE single-SIM, LTE dual-SIM, plus carrier and country variants). It runs the gamut from $30-60 on AT&T prepaid to $200 or so dual-SIM factory unlocked. Is that true here?

      Also, Euro pricing includes 20-25% sales tax in the advertised prices, so there’s that.

  • Pigs Can Fly

    8GB storage, 1GB ram and 1.1GHz processor for that price? I don’t think so. The Blu Win HD LTE has those specs and is only $200 and non-LTE $140.

    • MassDeduction

      A) It almost certainly will be sold for less. At a minimum you have to remove the 20% sales tax included in the price in the UK before doing the currency conversion.

      B) Lumias have better build quality than Blu handsets (speaking as an owner of both the Blu Win Jr. LTE and the Blu Win HD LTE). Blu makes some nice handsets, but the quality isn’t as consistent as Lumias I’ve owned.

  • TheShinraCorp .

    Jez Louis, I have a Lumia 635 that I bought for 50$ and was hoping it would cost in the 200$ around for the 650.

    • MassDeduction

      It will probably be closer to $300 (given the UK price includes their 20% sales tax, which will not be included in the advertised price in Canada as we typically add taxes at checkout here).

  • It is the end. As sad as it is. I will miss my Lumia’s my 1020 in all its glory. my 640xl in all its largness. now what? ohya my work provides a cell phone . i no longer need a personal cell.